For six days a group of educational leaders and staff gathered in the splendid Founders' Hall at St. Antony's College among the Dreaming Spires of Oxford and were treated to stimulating presentations, papers, discussions and the sights and sounds of one of the cradles of education. The experience was exhilarating for all involved.


A very strange composite view of the Founders' Hall

Here are a few other sights the group enjoyed.

Dr. Kern Alexander, President Murray State University, Kentucky, kept us on track throughout the week.

Dr. Richard Flynn, Co-founder of the Oxford and Beijing University Round Tables, provided humor and synthesis as the discussions went on.

Ed Darden, Senior Staff Attorney NSBA, together with.....

Julie Lewis, staff attorney NSBA, and....

Julie Underwood, Executive Director and General Counsel, NSBA, presented the topic
"Providing Children Education to Participate in a Democracy".

Todd DeMitchell, Professor of Education, Sonoma State University, California presented the topic "Blackstone's Doctrine of In Loco Parentis applied to Sexual Abuse of Students".

Lawrence Oldaker, Professor Emeritus University of Alaska, presented
"From the Magna Carta to the Constitution".

Johan Beckmann, Professor University of Pretoria, South Africa, discussed "Parent Child Relationships in South Africa".

Justus Prinsloo, Advocate South African Teacher's Union, presented "The Child's Right to Maintenance and Education".

Susan Clark, Assistant Professor, University of Akron Ohio, discussed "American Public School Desegregation Efforts".

Margaret Chidester, of
Parker, Covert & Chidester, California
presented "Blackstone's Legacy for Contemporary American Public Education".

Karen Michaelis, Assistant Professor Washington State University presented
"The Politics of School Violence".

Mary Jane Wiseman, Associate Professor Winona State University Minnesota delivered
"Faults and Fissures in the Wall of Seperation Doctrine".

Lorriane Wilson, Washinton State School Directors' Association, spoke on "Church-State Relations and Religious Liberty in the Context of Public Education".

Jim Davies General Counsel Edmonton Public Schools, Canada presented "Sexual Abuse of Children: A Canadian perspective on Direct and Vicarious Employer Liability".

Albert Miles, Professor of Higher Education, University of Alabama discussed "Blackstone and the Americans with Disabilities Act".

Shenette Campbell, Coordinator Oxford Round Table kept the program running smoothly.

Just in case you happened to think it was all work.........

Our guide to the University

There is drama everywhere.

The Great Hall?

The original Bodleian Library building

Good King James and his gift to the Library.

Among the Dreaming Spires of Oxford.

John Taylor and his family
with Georgiana Miranda.

Sam and Robin Harben
of Gainesville Georgia.

Our faithful guide to the Bodleian Library.

We are sworn in as "Bodleian Readers" by
Dr Charles Mould Secretary Emeritus
Bodleian Library.

Pembroke College quadrangle

Julie Underwood and Janet McCormick enjoy a Pimms in the Pembroke College
Fellows Garden

AND DID WE EAT??????????

At Exeter College...



...at St. Antonys...



... at Pembroke College...



The South African contingent.
Pictured fourth from left is Dr. Elmene Bray, Professor University of South Africa, who presented the topic "The Legal Relationship Between Educator and Learner in the Public School". For some reason the photograph of Dr Bray was lost.

... and coffee/tea breaks in the Founder's Hall.

And always stimulating conversations.


The birthplace of Winston Churchill.

Yes, I know - no pictures inside!

I like libraries... so sue me!




It was my privilege to attend the conference and my pleasure to take these pictures and produce this page. If any of you want the original digital photo of any of these pictures, please send me an email and let me know which ones you would like. In most cases the original photos are considerably larger than the edited versions shown here. I truly enjoyed getting to know many of you and look forward to seeing you at some point in the future. If you are ever in South Dakota, please look me up and let me show you my State.

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