Dear Friends,


I believe those of you that I have addressed here will remember my

Mother and will be glad with me that she has entered the presence of Our

Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  She was my very dear friend and the most

"Godly" woman I have known over the years of my life.

    The Lords timing was incredible in that my family saw her turn for

the worse on Sun. Feb. 5th and called here to our house in Maun that

day.  The pilots family that was here called the SIM guest House in

Namibia where we were staying for the second night of a long planned and

awaited vacation (with no phone contact).  When they were unable to get

through they prayed that if I really needed to know this they could

reach me.  They tried again a few minutes later and got through--we had

left just minutes before!!

    Mean while we had a very lovely holiday and the Lord really

encouraged me from Ps. 40 especially 3-8 during those days, EvaLynn had

asked me on Fri. morning when we were cuddled up together on the couch

in the Chalet if I thought she would know grandma Harmon if we got to

see her again when we went on home leave.  I said yes but to remember

that my mom was in the nursing home and would not know us.  After a time

at Etosha in Northern Namibia, we went out to the Beach at

Swakopmund...It was lovely and reminded me of  Times at Virginia Beach

and especially our Days in Guam....we traveled to Windhoek on Tues.

Morning the we drove David and I had quite a long

conversation about aging, dealing with it ourselves, and parents, and

aunts and uncles etc.

    When we arrived again at the guest house the  host said they had had

the phone call on the previous Mon. we called the pilot and he gave us

the news that it was about my "Mama" as I always called her. She was

quite sick/feverish, and my brother had left a number for us to call.

He also had the news that David's Dad had tried to contact us.  David

said to me immediately "Sally, know you can go directly from here if you

need to."  I said well lets call first.

    When my brother answered he was on his cell phone driving in very

snowy windy conditions....He said  "Sal, Mother has had her

graduation...she left us for home on Fri. the 9th at about 5 am.

Everyone was here but you, we had services on Mon. and it was a very

sad/happy time."  Much more was said and after he and his wife Esther

delivered their son Elliot to the University they drove back to Huron

and arranged a speaker phone call to David and I at the guest house "on

their nickel"  it was an awesome call...they each greeted me/us, sang

mamas requested graveside song "My Hope is Built on nothing less than

Jesus Blood and Righteousness."  And told me many details-- we had both

laughter and four brothers and their wives were there on the

phone, one sister (one, Rachel had to get back to her home for the

14th!! to work) and many of my nephews and nieces. And a dear dear

family friend Lela Maxwell - it was a phone call to remember.

    Back to the timing....only God could arrange the details and the

fact that I would not have to debate with myself about "to go or not to

go" ....he is so gracious to us....I grieve yes and I missed out on the

Graduation Party, and I do love a surprise party...but the Lord is good

all the time.  I Peter 3:15  "and be ready always to give and answer for

the HOPE that is in you. Indeed "My Hope is built on nothing less than


I love you Ladies and (the associated Men) just wanted you to hear.