Mother had a saying for many occasions. "See you in the funny papers" "Whistling girls and crowing hens never come to very good ends" are just a couple. Almost everytime someone would say "see you" or "see you later" Mother would respond "Here, there or in the air." We had a great discussion of what this might mean. There were two main schools of thought. Some said it meant 'here' meaning earth, 'there' meaning heaven, or 'in the air' the rapture of the saints. The correct view espoused by the eldest brothers, is 'here' this place on earth, 'there' any other place on earth, or 'in the air' meaning Heaven. When we all get there we can ask her, PTL.
These pictures were taken in Mom's room at HNH and the Kuhler Funeral Home. I think she looked peaceful and quite lovely given, as Steven said, the ten-year river she had to cross to get to the other shore.

Here is Mom 5 days from Heaven.

There were many beautiful flowers.
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Esther wrote her personal recollection of the events to Sally. If others have done the same I would like to add them here.
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Joel's Report to his Church

Mother's earthly remains now lie next to Dad's. That is only right. They always did have twin beds.