Going home requires a certain amount of back-tracking.  We planned for some additional adventures on the way.  Jordan, Dubai, Amsterdam and Winter - Esther's Journal tracks it all...

 Don, Becky, Esther, Tom, Marvel, Clayton

We meet up with Don and Becky again and see more sights in the United Arab Emirates.  But first a side trip in Jordan.


Sunday 3/9 – We took an early morning flight to Amman.  Our same tour guide and driver met us and took us to southern Jordan.  We stopped at a 1500-year-old castle with harem rooms. We saw many flocks of sheep and goats with their herders plus three camels in a pick-up!
Travel to Petra Pics

 At Petra we rode horses for 10 minutes, then walked about an hour to the "Treasury," with our tour guide Ahmed telling us about many idols.  Tom rode a horse for the last of the return.  The rest of us walked to rebel against paying twice.  We ate buffet lunch in Wadi Mousa. 
Petra Pics

On the flight to Dubai I sat by Rana Dajani, assistant professor in molecular cell biology at the Hashemite University in Amman.  We talked of Islam and Christianity – “an eye for an eye” vs. “love your enemies.”

Monday 3/10 – We arrived very tired and went to bed at Edge of the Woods.  In the late morning we drove south to Abu Dhabi, stopping at a seaside hotel for lunch and then at the Palace of the Emirates hotel in Abu Dhabi – Wow!  We took in a display of Islamic art.  We had a nice supper with the Steve Harmon family and saw the house they will be leasing.  On the way home we stopped for dessert at the Jumeira Beach Hotel and rode the glass elevator to the 25th floor.
Abu Dhabi Pics

Tuesday 3/11 – Don and Becky took us to Lulu’s for a little more shopping, and we had lunch at the Boardwalk at Dubai Creek.  Back at the house we packed, napped, showered, and had supper outside.  Tom showed his pictures to the people there.

We are ready to head toward home.  It has been a wonderful trip, and I am so thankful for it!
Dubai Departure Pics 

Wednesday 3/12 – In Amsterdam Marvel’s cousins, Dian and John Von Wetzel took the Buhlers with them for a visit.  Tom and I rode the trains to Haarlem and walked to Grote Market (Market Square) – a cold, windy walk!  Nothing was open so early, so we waited around.  We visited St. Bavo Church (Bavokerk) in the square.  It is huge!  It was started in the 14th century as a Catholic Church, but during the Reformation it became Dutch Reformed.  The pipe organ there was played by both Mozart and Handel.  Recordings are now made there between 3:00 and 4:00 a.m. when it is quiet.  The church is not heated, so there will be no services until May. 
St. Bavo Pics

We toured Corrie Ten Boom’s house and saw the hiding place.  All the rooms are very small, and the stairs are narrow, steep and winding.  In 1844 Corrie’s grandfather Willem committed to praying “for the peace of Jerusalem.”  One hundred years later his family sacrificed all for the Jews.
Ten Boom House Pics

Travel to Minneapolis and to Pierre was slow and uneventful.  We arrived at 11:30, and all four Buhler kids were at the airport!

Praise God for this wonderful trip and His protection over us!


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