On Saturday and Sunday September 9&10, 2000 Esther and Tom traveled to Tryon to visit Esther's brothers Vernon and Keith and to Wallace to visit sister Inez. We are pleased to report all were in good spirits and peaceful in the Almighty's arms. They covet your prayers and give thanks for their blessings. Here is a little of what we saw.
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Vernon and Pat
with silent friend.

Come on by - bring rain!

The baby and the elder.

Keith and Alice always faithful.

I think she always smiles.

Come on by - bring rain!


A trip to the Miller Cemetery.

Flora rests in Peace.

A beautiful place to rest
our mortal remains.

There is a secret in this bush.

A little boy's hiding place.

The Shimmin twins are here.

Jim and Inez perfect hosts.

If determination is what it takes.

The NHL has come
to the right place.

Flowers brighten a day.

A quiet moment.

Jim watching over the Angel.

The computer brings families closer together.

Keeping an eye out for you.

Hi sis.

Come on by - bring rain!

A great name for a
Sandhills golf course.