The extended Lutes Family gathers once every five years, but a second tradition has also developed of the Siblings (children of Louis and Ernestine) getting together once between the big reunions.
Friday, August 17, 2007, the Clan gathered at Jim and Inez's house in Wallace, Nebraska. 
We were missing a few, but all who were there enjoyed a great supper of grilled burgers and corn on the cob.  Special thanks to the grillmasters, Cliff and Marty!  To see pictures, click on THE GATHERING  below.

     On that Saturday nine brothers and sisters were together at the Rock House in North Platte.  We learned early in the day that our brother Nathan had gone to be with the Lord that morning, and that definitely changed the tenor of the day.  We still were glad to be together and to share both sorrow and joy.  We had lots of eat and good entertainment as well.  See SATURDAY  below.

    Sunday morning we attended the Methodist Church in Wallace and enjoyed a worship service led by Pastor Anne.  After church we had a wonderful dinner at the cafe.  Then some returned to Inez's house, and some went on to other places.  Our camera went to Stan and Olive Gurney's house in Burwell.  See SUNDAY.

    Tuesday eight of Nathan's brothers and sisters were at his funeral at the Fairview Methodist Church near Central City, Nebraska, with Pastor Joy Savage officiating.  After a lunch served by the ladies of the church, we drove to Hall Church near Ringgold for a second service, and from there to the Lone Star Cemetery.  The Hall ladies served us a meal after the interment.  See FUNERAL.