DAVID, SALLY, Gordon, EvaLynn and Kathryn

Set out on their return to Botswana on November 11, 2002.
Dan & JudyAnne Cutler along with Joel and Bobbie Harmon were there to see them off. Here are some pictures Dan took, along with his comments.

Dan and JudyAnne met up with Dave, Sally, Gordon, EvaLynn and Kathryn Lott at a hotel near BWI just before it was time for the Lotts to get on the plane to the UK.

Above: Just a quick bite to eat before bedtime on Sunday (10 Nov) night.

Below: The younger Lotts were full of excitement...the less younger Lotts were full of excitement too, but the many last minute details kept them fully occupied....things like ticket confirmation and other minor details...

Dave applies the final locks and the rest of us just stared. Some help, huh?

Some fun. We all had a great time and look forward to seeing them again in Botswana.

OK. Everything was packed in and it was time to leave...

Wait!!!!! Where is Sally's DayTimer!!!!

(This is not a magical gesture of power - Editor)

The lost was found and then it was time to leave.

Fitting isn't it that as they go to find the LOST - the lost is found. (Editor)
"HE that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much..." Luke 16:10(a)