Welcome to the Friendship Club!

On July 17th we had a Friendship Club Braii - a cookout with meat mostly - for 15 children.
It was fun and lots of work. David got called away for a Mercy Flight just as we
were to get started. Mom survived and the children all had fun!

Though it looks more like a jail, the Friendship Clubhouse has been a fun addition to the yard.

Marissa, Popo, Saskia and EvaLynn in front of the Friendship Clubhouse.

Dress up clothes, to try on with Saskia, were purchased at the thrift store near Grandma Lott's.

Kathryn is learning to be a cow-girl using special birthday gifts!

Beanie Babies have come to Africa too - via many
dear friends.

See our pencil shapener!
We purchased new school pencils in the U.S..(The ones here break easier and lack erasers.)

Here is "Uncle" Dan Cutler helping us
make Easter Story Cookies.

update 8/5/99