In May of 2000 Gene and Fran Lott (Grandpa and Grandma) traveled to Botswana and spent about 3 weeks with our little family. We are not sure what all they did, but they did take lots of pictures of the local flora and fauna as well as the local Lotts. Here are some of those pictures.
{If you click on the small pictures you will be able to see a larger version.}

Mom as Dave's co-pilot on
the flight to Gunn's Safari Camp in the Okavango Delta, 75 km. north of Maun.

A lone male elephant headed toward the travelers, and huge termite mounds everywhere.

Poled through the Okavango Delta waterways by Batswana in their simulated dugout boats.

The Cessna 206 that David used to transport his guests.

Missionaries at the SIM/FM Conference in South Africa, May 18-26.

The Tropic of Capricorn crossing enroute from Maun to Gaborone.

They traveled back to Maun via Mokolodi Game Park.

The Lotts celebrated David & Sally's 15th anniversary and Gene & Fran's 51st.

Giraffe near the tourists' roundeval.

The missionaries at the anniversary dinner in
Mokolodi Game Park.

Wildlife was seen in Chobe National Park, 300 km. northeast of Maun,
May 30-June 2.

Gordon watched from the
open viewing boat as an elephant took his shower
in the Chobe River.

EvaLynn and Gordon.
Lions can be seen eating on the bank.

Lions eating a cape buffalo
on the bank
(lower part of picture).

Hippo with his mouth
wide open! (Does he need
his teeth cleaned, Sally?)

Some of the many elephants the Lotts saw that day.

An impala looks at the Lotts.

Baboons along the
Chobe River.

The Lotts drove from Chobe Nat'l Park to Victoria Falls.

Victoria Falls Hotel view area, bridge from Zambia to Zimbabwe and the Falls.

A baboon crosses the trail
from the Falls.

We end with this beautiful picture of Victoria Falls. Gene and Fran were thankful to have this time with their son David and his family, and to see so many sights in Botswana.