David, Sally and family spent four months in a native village without such amenities as electricity, running water, and the like.
Thanks to their friend Dan Cutler they have sent back a few pictures of their new life in the village.

First, a little geography lesson

A Lott of people at 45° latitude on the way to

Shashe Bible Training College - May '98

More candid shots

Gordon, EvaLynn, and Friends

EvaLynn at Thamaga pottery factory

Worship at Gaborone Africa Evangelical Church

Sally's hand in the Acacia thorns

Gordon shows the size of the thorns

Kathryn watching (closely) the cutting of her 4th birthday cake at Shashe

Kathryn and friends playing with homemade car made from trash

Here is the Lotts Lot in Ramot(swa)