January 15-18, 1999 David and a number of other SIM missionaries visited a tribe of "Rural Area Dwellers" in the Kalahari Desert. These primitive people, known as "Bushmen" speak a "click language". They are one of the "every people, tribe and tongue" we are compelled to seek. Click here to learn more about them. Here are some pictures David made on the trip.


The church in Zutshwa

M. Justice, D. Long and AB working with water.

The road from Zutshwa to Ntwatle

Fine tent of a motel!

Evangelism at Ntwatle

David Long serves the first communion in AB's church

Ginny Long and Heidi Epple conduct Sunday School.

Pastor AB and one of his sons

Pastor's wife KoKo
and Baby number 5

Will it all fit, Dave? (It did!)

Modern transportation in the desert