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Here is the latest update:

Christmas Blessings

Dear Family and Friends,

We want to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very blessed
Christmas! We had a full house for our Christmas program at church
Sunday night. The choir and those in the accompanying play all did
well. Many of our unsaved friends were present. The gospel message
was given out clearly and though no one responded to the invitation to
receive Christ, the seed was sown and we are praying that the Holy
Spirit will yet speak to the hearts of those who came.

Last week Joe kept very busy overseeing the school construction
project. The cement slab, forming the floor for the building was
poured. This week they have begun putting up the brick walls. Please
pray for safety and good health for the crew. We would like to see
the building completely finished by the end of January. Classes are
scheduled to begin at the Alfa Educational Center on Feb. 15. There
are many other details yet to be worked out in regard to hiring
teachers, curriculum, registering of students, purchasing of
furnishings and equipment etc. Ken is the director of the school.
Pray for wisdom for him.

We received an interesting article from a friend and would like to
pass it on to you. I hope you can take time to check it out.

A Full Moon
This year will be the first full moon in 133 years to occur on the
winter solstice, Dec. 22, commonly called the first day of winter.
Since a full moon on the winter solstice is occurring in conjunction
with a lunar perigee (point in the moon's orbit that is
closest to Earth), the moon will appear about 14% larger than it does
at apogee (the point in its elliptical orbit that is farthest from the

Since the Earth is also several million miles closer to the sun at
this time of the year than in the summer, sunlight striking the moon
is about 7% stronger making it brighter. This will be the closest
perigee of the Moon of the year since the moon's orbit is constantly
deforming. If the weather is clear and there is a snow cover where
you live, it is believed that even car headlights will be superfluous.

In laymen's terms, it will be a super bright full moon, much more than
usual .......AND it hasn't happened this way for 133 years! Our
ancestors 133 years ago saw this. Our descendants 100 or so years
from now will see this again. Remember this will happen December 22,

May you have much joy as you walk with our Wonderful Lord in the year
Jeanie for Joe too

We're Home

Dear Family and Friends,
We have been back home for a week now and have wanted to write sooner
but our computer was in the shop.

We had a wonderful month. The flights were long and tiring-23 hours
of flying time each way. That's a lot of time to be cramped into the
small space allowed for each passanger. But it was worth it. We had
to fly to Paris first and we had a day and a half layover there, so we
took advantage of the time and spent the first half day resting. The
second day we spent "doing Paris"! There is so much to see there
that in one day one can only scratch the surface, but we had fun and
saw some of the main attractions such as the Eiffel Tour, the
Notre-Dame Cathedral, the triumphal Arch, the Seine River, with all of
it's bridges, the opera houses and the wide side walks with people
rushing from here to there in down town Paris.

We got a good night's sleep and left at 8 in the morning for Mali. We
got there at 4 in the afternoon. Sam, Deb, Brian and Andrew were
waiting for us at the airport. We hadn't seen them for 2 years so
were pleased that Brian and Andrew accepted us immediately. We were
able to spend 3 and 1/2 weeks with them. We really enjoyed our time
together. We gained a much better understanding of their ministry by
seeing it first hand. We also discovered that the culture there is
much different than the culture here in Brazil.

We enjoyed visiting 4 different churches while we were there. We also
had an African meal in the home of one of the African pastors. We ate
the whole meal with our fingers (and it wasn't exactly what I consider
"finger food"! We enjoyed the fellowship with them even though
everything we said to each other had to go through Sam who translated
both ways. We also spent some time at the mission and were able to
meet all of the GMU missionaries who are presently in Mali. We spent
time in several of their homes. And we also met a number of
missionaries from other missions.

We made a trip out to the village of Mana where Tena, Sam's mother
teaches at the girls school. This is also where Sam lived for a few
years when he was growing up in Mali. They were getting ready for
their graduation exercises which took place that same week.

We got in on a few celebrations - a welcome home for one of the
missionaries who returned, Deb's birthday, and Thanksgiving. Joe and
I made breakfast for Deb's birthday and we went out to a nice
restaurant for dinner. After our noon rest, Brian helped me bake a
birthday cake. Sam's mother came over for Thanksgiving day and we
enjoyed a nice dinner together and ate so much that we didn't need any
supper. We did build a fire and roasted marshmellows (a treat from
Lori) and made s'mores. In the evening we played a game and had a
specially thanksgiving sharing time. We certainly have many blessing
we can thank the Lord for!

The time went by all to quickly and it was time to leave and come back
home. We had safe flights all the way with nearly no turbulance.
Only one flight was delayed and that was the very last one where Ken,
Lori, Jessica and Alicia were awaiting us at the airport. We got in
an hour late. We were glad they waited and didn't go home without
us! On Dec. 1st about 9PM we were back home in Mossoró.

It's good to be home and we hit the ground running. We're both
involved in the Christmas program and Joe is in charge of the
construction of the building for the Christian school that is to begin
Feb.15th. We have a young man staying with us who came from the
United States to help with the building project. He got to Mossoró
just 5 days after we got home. We're also looking forward to Ron and
Ranelle's return on Dec. 29th. We're eager to see Caleb, who will be
nearly 3 mo. when they get here.

This is the short report of our trip. We'll be writing up a more
detailed report (in our spare time). If you're interested in
receiving that let us know. Don't worry, we won't send it unless you
request it.

Jeanie for Joe too


We're outa here

Dear Family and Friends,

It's been quite a while since you've heard from us. Some of you have
probably wondered why we haven't answered your messages. We have
several good reasons. One is computer problems--in and out of the
shop. No fun! The other is an extremely busy schedule. In the midst
of our usual busy schedule we have been getting ready for our trip to

We had to get our documents, tickets, shots etc. and of course we had
to get a few goodies together to take to our kids and grand kids and
get our suitcases packed. Mostly we need clothes for hot weather in
Africa but also need something to keep us warm on our day and a half
stop over in Paris.

Getting people to take care of all of our responsibilities has been
quite a task. Wow I didn't know we do so much! We've tried to
remember everything, though we'll probably discover we forgot some
things. Oh well maybe we'll be missed while we're gone.

We're thankful for 2 young ladies who trusted Christ for salvation at
the close of the evening service last Sunday night. Several of the
young people have gotten more involved in ministry and are showing
evidence of spiritual growth in their lives. Plans are moving ahead
for the beginning of the school year at the Alfa Educational Center in

We have a lot to do before then. Ken is the director of the school
and we have a secretary and a coordinator and a caretaker. We need to
do a lot of paper work, hire some teachers, and take care of many
other details. Joe has been busy doing some work on the house that
was on the property where the school will be built. The caretaker
and his family are moving into the house today. Joe has also been
gathering the materials that will be needed for the construction of
the school building. After we get back from our trip to Mali,
directing the construction will be his big project.

Yesterday morning Max-Well and Mazé got married. They are the
recently saved couple who have been living together for nearly a
year. Shortly after accepting Christ, they realized they were living
in sin and began making plans to get married. We had several weekly
counseling sessions with them. Last night we had a service in front
of their home to celebrate their marriage, dedicate their home to the
Lord and to witness to their unsaved neighbors. Until now they have
been living with his mother so now they are truly establishing their
home. We are glad for their desire to obey the Lord and learn to know
Him better.

We leave for our long trip Monday morning Nov. 1st and are scheduled
to be back home on Dec. 1st. We will be away from our e-mail during
that time but will tell you some of the highlights when we get back.
We're excited that we get to go and see Sam and Deb's ministry first
hand, check up on Brian and Andrew our grandchildren, meet the other
missionaries and the African believers. Pray for us to have safe
travels, enjoy good health, and that we will be a blessing to others.
Pray keep praying for the work in Mossoró as well.

Jeanie for Joe too
PS if you want to contact us during November, write to us at: Samuel


Out of a job

Dear Family and Friends,
Last week we had a meeting with our Kid's Club staff to do some
planning. We asked them if they wanted one of the other pastors to
help them do Kid's Club during the month of November while we are gone
in Africa. They all agreed that they want to do it by themselves.
One of the fellows commented, "we need to learn to take
responsibility, it could happen that someday none of you will be here
to help us and we need to know how to do things on our own." We were
thrilled with this response! We also agreed to asked 4 new people to
join our staff, a couple (whose 3 children are all members of the
club) and 2 young people, a fellow and a girl. All 4 of these people
accepted our invitation and came to help Saturday. They all enjoyed
participating with the kids during game time and reported enjoying
being part of the staff. My next step is to train one of the girls to
be the secretary. I'm trying to work myself out of a job, can you
tell? Two of the boys are learning to play the guitar and are already
playing for the meetings and also for church on Sundays.

Recently we were talking with a young couple in our church who have
two very active little boys, ages 2 and 4. They were telling us some
of the problems they have with the boys. They have been saved for a
few months and never heard of Biblical principals for training
children. We asked them if they would like for us to have a few
sessions with them, teaching them what the Bible has to say about
child rearing and giving them some practical hints. The father said
"yes, we want to learn how to train our children because we don't know
how, we've never had any experience doing it according to the Bible."
We started last Friday. We're praying that they will be diligent in
following through with what they're learning.

Joe has gotten started working on the property where we plan to build
our temporary school facility. He is fixing the gate which will be
the entry for bringing in building supplies. He is also doing some
repair on the house that will be used to house the caretaker and his

This week my 7 teachers' training students finished their lessons.
Next week they will be taking their exam. Then those who qualify and
desire to be involved in a Sunday school class will be placed with a
more experienced teacher to be a helper, gradually working into more
and more responsibilities. They have been visiting the various
classes during the last several weeks. I put the ones who visit my
class to work. I've had them do skits, teach the verse, go over the
exercises in the work book with the kids etc. So far none of them
have given the lesson yet in Sunday school, but most of them have
given the lesson for Kid's club and they all did a good job.

Please continue to pray for the salvation of the unsaved husbands of
our church women. Pray for the wives to be truly submissive and not
give up hope though it seems to be taking so long.

In His Love,
Jeanie for Joe too



Visa Granted!

Dear Family and Friends,

First of all we went to thank the Lord that our visas for Mali have
been granted. Thanks for praying. Now we have everything we need for
our trip to visit Sam and Deb and Brian and Andrew in November. We're
really looking forward to spending that time with them and having the
privilege of seeing first hand the ministry in which they are
involved, as well as meeting their fellow missionaries, and our
African brothers and sisters in the Lord.

During October, in addition to carrying on our regular
responsibilities we have to take care of all the details of delegating
our responsibilities to others while we are gone. In some cases we'll
have to do some training.

Our trip last week was very enjoyable. We thank the Lord for safety
as we traveled 1,500 kilometers and visited 4 schools. All of the
school personnel were extremely helpful and willing to share their
expertise. One school was started over 30 years ago and has over 800
students. Another is in its second year and has 70 students, so we
saw varied situations. By Thursday afternoon, our minds were
saturated and we didn't feel we could take in any more so we skipped
the last school we had planned to visit. Now we're back home and have
the tremendous task of sorting out all this information, figuring out
what best fits our situation, finding out exactly what the law
requires, etc. etc. Please pray for us in the days to come. Soon we
must hire our staff and oh, yes, so far we have a pile of sand, some
sacks of cement and some other materials that will become our school
building. We do have a lot of work to do! We'll need some funds too.

Last week we received sad news of the death of two friends in the
states from the same church, Wes Garrett and Chet Deichmann. Wes
recently suffered from heart failure and had been forced to give up
all physical activity. He longed for the day when he would go home to
be with the Lord. Chet, on the other hand was a healthy high school
senior who was killed in an accident. We grieve with the families
over the loss of their loved ones. We also received word this week of
a young man in the church Ron worked in who had surgery yesterday. He
had a cancerous lump on his knee and the Dr. recommended amputation of
the leg. We haven't heard the results yet, but at any rate, we know
this is a heavy burden for 23 year old Guga, his parents and other
family members. How thankful we are that all of the people involved
know the Lord and that we know that He is sovereign and doesn't make
mistakes. We are frail human beings and we don't know how much time
we have left on this earth, when a family member might be snatched
into eternity or for how long we will enjoy good health. We do want
to be busy doing what He wants us to do right now so that when we
enter into His presence we will hear this pronouncement from our
Savior, "Well done thou good and faithful servant."

In His Service,
Jeanie for Joe too

Don't worry!

Dear Family and Friends,

Tomorrow morning bright and early (well anyway early) Joe, Ken and I
along with 2 others from our church will be leaving to tour at least 4
Christian schools. Departure time is 4AM! Our first destination is
quite a ways from here and we want to try to get there by noon. Pray
for safety as we travel and for a profitable time. We will see these
schools in action and have opportunity to talk to those who are in
charge. We hope to learn a lot about the necessary steps to begin a
school. There is always much red tape in this type of venture. We
also hope to glean ideas for curriculum, office procedures, play
ground equipment, and much more.

Recently we have been concentrating on visiting in homes. We have
been burdened with the concerns of these people and have tried to be
an encouragement to them. Sandra is concerned because her husband and
his work partner just parted ways. It seems that the partner managed
to get all the best equipment they had for working on refrigerators
etc. Edna's 2-year old is severely retarded and has many physical
problems as well. She needs constant care except when she is
sleeping. Beth, our neighbor, invited us to go with her to visit an
unsaved friend whose daughter is troubled by spirits of dead people.
Both the mother and daughter listened very attentively as we shared
the Word with them. The whole family came to our open air
evangelistic service on Tues. Christian wives are burdened for the
salvation of their husbands. The economic situation is not good, some
have lost their jobs, others feel very insecure in their job
situations. The list goes on. But, we needn't despair

I just read the beautiful passage in Matt. 6:25-34 for my devotions
this morning. What a relief to know that we don't need to worry about
anything. God takes care of the birds and flowers. Verse 26 says
we're worth much more than they. God knows everything we need and He
has promised to take care of us. I'm so glad we have God's Word and
that we can offer hope to every person we talk to. There is a
solution for every problem. Praise the Lord!

Thanks for your prayers. Let us know your prayer concerns too.
Prayer is a wonderful means whereby we can have a share in each
other's lives.

Jeanie for us 2


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Are we busy or what?

Dear Family and Friends,

Here it is Tuesday already and I'm just getting around to sending you
this note. What happened to Monday? Joe spent most of the day
finishing up his part of the bathroom project for one of our church
families. I spent most of the morning preparing for my teachers'
training class in the evening and a meeting afterwards with the fellow
who will be giving the lesson for kid's club Saturday. In the
afternoon I had a meeting with the ladies who are in charge of our
weekly women's meeting. They wanted me to help them with a skit for
the meeting this afternoon. On the way home I stopped in to visit
with my neighbor lady. I set up a time to go with her to visit a
friend of hers who has asked about having a Bible study in her home.

I'm really enjoying the teachers' training class. I have 5 students.
They're all doing very well. As part of the training, each has been
assigned to visit one of the 3 children's classes each Sunday. This
is basically a time of observation for them, but we teachers also ask
them to help us with part of our lesson. The 2 who visited my class
last Sunday did a little skit portraying the man who went to his
friend's house at midnight to borrow some bread for a friend who had
come to visit. Several of these children have unsaved fathers that
they have been praying for for months. This lesson on persistence in
prayer seemed to encourage them.
Francisco has the lesson for Kid's club on Saturday. He will be
teaching the lesson on Nicodemus visiting Jesus. About 3/4 of the
kids who come are not believers. Many have been coming very regularly
for weeks but, so far, none of them has expressed a desire to accept
Jesus as their Savior. We have not given any prolonged invitations
and don't intend to do so this week either, but we do want to explain
very clearly to them that there is no other way to get to heaven
except by believing in Jesus. Most of them can quote John 3:16.
Please pray that this week some of these kids will receive God's gift
of eternal life!
We hope you have a good week. Thanks for your prayers and notes of
encouragement. Let us know if you have any prayer requests that you
would like for us to remember.

In His Love,
Jeanie for Joe too


Keepin' busy

Dear Family and Friends,

We had an extra busy week end. Ken is gone on a trip so Joe had extra
responsibilities. Saturday after kid's club, we grabbed a quick
supper and then he went to youth group to encourage the sponsors and
the young people. Attendance has been low recently. Sunday he
taught the adult/young people's Sunday school class and preached at
the evening service, besides picking up a car load of people before
and taking two car loads home afterwards. At 6AM today he had class
with those who are interested in being deacons.
Neither Joe nor Lori have gotten their licenses for driving the van
yet. They did the eye test, psychiatric test, took the 30 hour
training course and did those tests, but haven't done the driving test
yet. The person who administers it is supposed to be in town on
Friday. They have to rent a bus to use to do the test. They
practiced driving it once and will probably practice again before they
do the test.
We have been involved in another time consuming "project" these days,
getting our physical exams. Let me explain. First you go to the Dr.
Of course he comes in an hour or more late, but you have to be there
waiting because you are called in according to the order in which you
arrived. He asks you a few routine questions and then writes out a
list of tests you need to do. You take those papers to the lab, pay
the prescribed fee, and come back later to do the tests. Things have
improved a lot. This time we could have our blood drawn, do the EKGs
and mammogram all in the same building! Joe had to go to another Dr.,
a urologist, for a routine exam and he ordered another lab test at a
different lab. He'll do that another day. Then we went back to the
lab and picked up the results of the tests we did last week. We took
those back to Joe's Dr. and, of course had to wait our turn. I
discovered that my Dr. isn't in on Mondays. But he'll be in
tomorrow. I was hoping to get everything finished up today!

Joe is involved in another project, helping one of our church families
make a septic tank so they can put a bathroom in their house.

Part of the training for the Sunday school teachers is visiting the
different classes for 2 months. I have 2 trainees in my class each
week and have them involved in some "hands on" part of the class.
Next Sunday they are going to do a little skit about the man who went
to his friend's house at midnight to borrow some bread to feed his
company. I always enjoy seeing the new teacher's learn and gain
confidence as they participate. They're usually scared to death at
If you haven't changed our e-mail address in your address book yet,
please do so now. Our new address is:

Thanks for praying for us. Have a good week.
Jeanie for us 2


Visa Saga

Dear Family and Friends,

I just got my computer back from the shop yesterday, so will get a
quick note off to you.

The visa saga goes on. We do want to thank those of you who wrote to
us with bits of advice and information after our last update. We
found your notes very helpful and it was a big encouragement to us
that you cared enough to take time to write. We have made some
progress towards getting our visas.

Last week in Fortaleza we were able to get our International
Certificates of Health proving that we got our yellow fever
vaccination which is required for traveling to Mali. We also got
malaria medicine which the mission recommends us to take. Friday we
went to get our pictures taken. When we got them back, wouldn't you
know it? They were the wrong size. So we had to go back in and get
them retaken. This time they got the size right. Now we have
everything ready to send in. Please pray with us that everything will
arrive safely in the Malian Consulate in Washington DC, that they will
quickly process our applications and grant us our visas, and that our
passports will get back to us before our scheduled travel date which
is Nov. 1st. That seems like a long ways off, but we have been
working on this for over a month already. We have our tickets and are
getting excited about visiting Deb, Sam, Brian and Andrew as well as
other friends in Mali.
Last week we started counseling sessions with Max-well and Maria who
are planning to get married. Since this couple was
already living together when they were saved, the situation is
different from other counseling sessions we have had with couples who
were preparing for marriage. Pray for us to have wisdom as we help
them work through this situation.
Last night we had our monthly adult meeting. There were about 30
present and we had a great time sharing. People were open to share
their needs and tell of blessing they have enjoyed. Francisco just
lost his job. August and his wife are in financial straits and are
praying that they will be able to sell a small house they own in
another neighborhood. Evani came without her husband and we are all
praying together for his salvation. We were challenged to get to know
each other better and make ourselves aware of each others needs and
blessings. Quite a few people admitted they had never been in each
others homes and we were encouraged to visit someone we haven't
visited yet this year. Next month we are to report back on these

Have a good week and drop us a note,
Jeanie for Joe too


Red Tape

Dear Family and Friends,

This has been a very busy week so far. Joe has been working over at
the property where we plan to start our school next year. They are
putting in a sidewalk. It's a corner lot and the side walk is wide so
it's taking quite a bit of time and materials to get the job done.

He's also involved in another project at the same time, helping one of
the families of our church get the floors of their house tiled. They
bought the tile some time ago and have been trying to save money to
have the tile laid but overtime they have enough saved up their baby
gets an asthma attack or some other bronchial problem and they end up
spending the money on doctors and medicine. The drs. say it is
important to get the tile in the house so there will be less dust to
irritate the baby's lungs. They are now staying at her mother's house
which is already crowded and they're very eager to get back home.

Last Sunday night Joe preached at another church clear across town.
The pastor was out of town and needed someone to take his place. It
was good to have fellowship in another church with another group of
believers, but we missed being in our own church.

We're planning to go to Mali in November to visit Sam and Deb and
Brian and Andrew. For several weeks we've been working on getting
information for getting our visas. We tried calling the Malian
Consulate in Brazil, that didn't work, they said we don't need one.
That would be nice and certainly cheaper than the other options. On
the other hand, I'd sure hate to get to the airport in Mali and not be
allowed to stay because we don't have the proper documents. We had
our home office call the Malian Consulate in the US. They said we
need a visa so our office requested forms 2 weeks ago and still
haven't received them. Next we tried a Visa Service Agency. So far
they haven't come through either. Please pray that we'll be able to
get our visas. I'm glad we started early. We did get our Yellow
Fever Vaccination. So at least we have one thing out of the way
except that we only got a card and not an International Certificate of
Vaccination which we understand we will need, so we're trying to
locate those too. Is this called red tape or what? If any of you out
there have the information we need on how we can get our visa for
Mali, being American Citizens living in Brazil, please let us know.

One of our church families is coming for supper tonight, so I better
get busy and get something prepared. Thanks for your prayers and your
notes. We always enjoy hearing from you.

Jeanie for us 2


New Address

Dear Family and Friends,

Please notice our new e-mail address and change it in your address
book. If you have written us recently and not gotten a response,
please re-send your letter. The e-mail server we were with merged
with UOL and in the process of transferring, some of our mail was
lost. Hopefully all the problems have been corrected and no more
messages will be lost.

Communication is very important to us. We're thankful for the
convenience of e-mail, this quick means of communication to our
children, other family members and friends. We appreciate being able
to get prayer requests out quickly knowing that many people are
praying for specific needs. We also receive many prayer requests in
our e-mail messages and we want you to know that we do pray for them
and have been blessed when people write back and share how God has
answered these prayers. If you have any prayer requests, please feel
free to send them to us. Prayer is even quicker than e-mail and a
very important ministry we can have to one another.

Things are happening at our church but nothing very exciting. The 2
young fellows that many of you have been praying for who have been
directly or indirectly responsible for much of the disunity in our
church requested at our business meeting Saturday night to be removed
from membership. We know that this won't solve all of our problems,
but we hope it is the beginning of the solution. Several of their
close friends and family members will probably leave as well. Some of
the people who stay will probably be discouraged by the diminished
number of our group. Pray that as we concentrate on growing
spiritually, unity will be restored, love will reign and others will
be saved.

Pray for Evani and Leomar. Evani and I team teach the 10-12 year olds
in Sunday school class. She had to miss the last 2 Sundays because
her husband made other plans for her. She is a very submissive wife
and we are praying that as she continues to love Leomar and submit to
him and live an exemplary Christian life, she will win him to the
Lord. They have 3 children, ages 11, 9, and 5. All three of them
have received Jesus as their Savior. Pray with us for Leomar's
salvation to complete the family circle.

Have a good week,
Jeanie for Joe too



Dear Family and Friends,

Remember last week I talked about Darlene who is going to work with
the Katukinas? I made an error, it is Rita, not Darlene. The two
girls are sisters and we have known both of them for a long time.
They were both campers when we were at Silver Lake Bible Camp.

This week in Sunday school class I asked my class if they had prayed
for Rita every day this week, some said they had. Ruziana volunteered
that she had prayed for God to provide Rita's support so she can go
next month and that she had prayed for the 8 Katukina believers to be
strong Christians. No one remembered to bring money for the
missionary offering, but they all said they would next week.

Before we had a special prayer for Rita, I asked if anyone had any
other prayer requests and Ruziana raised her hand. She said she
wanted to praise the Lord because last week in school some of her
friends were saying they wouldn't want to be believers because they
wouldn't be able go to dances. She said she told them she is a
believer and she doesn't miss dances because there are so many other
good things to do. She is one who indicated last week that some day
she would like to be a missionary. I told her she was already being a
missionary, speaking boldly to her friends about the Christian life.
I wish you could have seen the surprised, joyful expression on her
face! Pray that Ruziana won't ever lose her enthusiasm to walk with
the Lord and serve Him!

Another girl also wanted us to thank the Lord because her Dad said he
was coming to church in the evening. Sure enough he showed up. It is
Genildo, one of the unsaved husbands that you have being praying for.
His wife was radiant and his 4 year old daughter wouldn't come to
nursery because she was sitting on Daddy's lap. This was the first
time he has come to our church. It's a small victory, but let's keep
praying for his salvation as well as for the salvation of the other
unsaved husbands of our church ladies. Last night Eduardo also came
to church. He has come several times in recent weeks.

Joe and Ken and Reriton have been very busy this past week doing
interviews. They are doing a survey, personally interviewing all of
the members of our church. We are looking for ways to improve the
relationship between the members and pastors and to restore the unity
among all of us. They hope to complete this survey before the end of
this month. Pray with us for restored unity and that we may all grow
in the Lord and reach out to the unsaved in our neighborhood.

Thanks for your interest in our ministry and for your prayers. Let us
know if you have any special prayer requests.

Jeanie for Joe too
Alicia's corner
Last week while Jessica was in school, Alicia came to spend some time
with Grandma. I told her to play in the living room because I was
busy defrosting the refrigerator. She came to the kitchen pulled up a
chair and climbed up on it. She said, "I help you, I want some



Dear Family and Friends,

Sunday I was really encouraged by the kids in my Sunday school class
(age 10-12). The week before they had heard Darlene's report. She is
the young lady who is going to work in the the Katukina Indian Tribe.
I had carefully taken notes on some of the statistics she had given.
When I quized the kids, they got most of the answers right. When I
asked how many of them would be willing to be missionaries some day,
all of the Christian kids raised their hands. When I asked them if
they remembered what Darlene had said they could do right now they
remembered that they could pray and give. Several agreed to pray for
Darlene every day this week, and for the Katukina tribe. Everyone
decided that they would save some of the money their parents give
them for candy etc. and take up an offering to send for Darlene's

Yesterday Joe helped Reriton put the roof on the porch of his house.
This is a project he has been wanting to do for a long time. It will
shade the house from the afternoon sun and it should stay cooler.
They were so glad to have this project done.

This morning I went to the health post to find out about yellow fever
shots and malaria pills. These are medications we will need before we
make our trip to Africa in November to visit Deb and Sam and the
boys. When I walked in the door, I was met by a man who asked me if
he could help me. I told him what I wanted and then he asked me if I
was from the "Christ is Life Church". When I said yes, he said he was
there the day the city council met in our church building. "Come on
in to my office, sit down, let's talk a while." He asked about our
work here in Mossoró. I was able to tell him why we're here. He was
happy to direct me to the proper municipal department that can inform
me about the medications we need. He even offered to ride along if we
needed help in finding the place.

He said he lives near us and would like to come over some day just to
talk. He really wants to study English, but doesn't feel he can
afford to pay the price. Maybe he would be interested in doing a
Bible study in English. We'll see.

Our e-mail server is in the process of merging with a larger server
and all this week we have been having problems with our e-mail. One
day we couldn't send, another day we couldn't receive, etc. So if you
have written and we haven't responded, try writing again. Hopefully,
they'll have all of the bugs worked out soon. As soon as everything
is in order, we'll let you know what our new address is. Meanwhile
keep using the one you've been using.

That's all for this time,
Jeanie for Joe too

Gotta be flexible

Dear Family and Friends,

What does a missionary do? He runs a taxi service, guest house and
helps out wherever needed. These are just the "on the side" jobs.

Last week Dave and Mary Ann Kruse and their 3 girls came through on
their way to their vacation in Natal. Ken and Lori brought their
lunch over so we had a put luck and enjoyed eating together and
visiting before they continued their journey. Sunday afternoon we
received a phone call from Dave. They were on their way back, but the
transmission of the car they had borrowed gave out. They were 160 km
from here and needed someone to come and pick them up. Whoever went,
would not make it back in time for the evening service. Ken was
scheduled to lead the service and Joe was scheduled to preach. It's
probably easier to lead the service on a short notice than to preach,
so Ken was elected to go. Next, they had to decide who would lead the
service. Reriton was scheduled to play the keyboard and Lori the base
guitar. Some changes had to be made. Reriton led the service and
Lori played the keyboard. You gotta be flexible!

Ken borrowed a neighbor's truck and headed out to load the car and
bring it into town. Meanwhile Mary Ann and the girls caught a bus.
They arrived at the bus station here a few minutes before the evening
service began. Joe went after them and though he missed most of the
song service, he did get back in time to preach.

Early the next morning Joe made another run out to the bus station at
4:30 AM to take drop off a missionary candidate who had been visiting
here for the week-end and had shared her testimony during the Sunday
school hour. Many years ago as a new believer she attended our
camps. It was a blessing to see how she has grown and matured and
looks forward to living in a remote area of Brazil serving with the
Brazilian branch of New Tribes Mission, working with an Indian
tribe. At 7:30, Joe headed out to the bus station again taking Mary
Ann and the girls to catch their bus to Fortaleza.

The owner of the truck that Ken had borrowed agreed to take Dave and
the car into Fortaleza. We heard they arrived there safely.

Saturday night our church business meeting went well. Most of the
time was taken up by Ken, Joe and Reriton, who gave us all some
important information on various subjects including, the purpose of
the local church, the responsibilities of the pastors, and the
responsibilities of the members. They also assured us that steps are
being taken to restore unity in the church family, especially as they
continue to meet individually with the 2 fellows who have been removed
from leadership positions. They informed us of their plans and the
direction our church will be taking in the immediate future. This
includes a more intensive discipleship program in which every member
of the church will be required to participate. It also includes a
survey in which every member will be able to express his expectations
in relation to the church, areas in which he would like to serve and
declare whether or not he is willing to cooperate with the program and
direction the church is going. Unity among the body is an absolute
essential, if we expect to see growth. Keep praying. I'm sure the
Lord has great things in store for His work here!

Have a good week,
Jeanie for Joe too

Home Again

Dear Family and Friends,

We just got home this afternoon and as you all know there's just no
place like home!

Several of you wrote and said you would be praying for us to have a
refreshing time at conference. You will be pleased to know that we
had a wonderful and refreshing week. We enjoyed Tom Bonine, our
speaker. He taught us many practical methods we can use to help in
our work of equipping the saints. Of course we had to look at our own
lives and notice ways we need to draw closer to the Lord, ourselves
before we can be used to help others draw near to Him. Now we're
eager to get to work again in our ministry here in Mossoró.

This year the conference was held in a new facility which we rented
and all the missionaries were able to stay on the grounds. We enjoyed
the swimming pool, grass playing court, air conditioned auditorium and
many other special things. Our business meeting ended Saturday
morning so we had Saturday afternoon free for committee meetings,
fellowshipping with the other missionaries or just resting. Saturday
night we had "fun night" with lots of skits and other funny
presentations. The Sunday evening service included a presentation by
the children who had VBS during the week. Of course we enjoyed seeing
Jessica participate in the program.

When we got home and logged on to get our e-mail, we were shocked and
saddened by a message which informed us that yesterday morning Joe's
niece was killed in New Guinea in an accident on her way to church.
We know few details. Melodee was 37 years old. She and her husband,
David Ingraham have been missionaries in New Guinea for several
years. They have 4 children, ages 13, 8, 6 and 4. Please pray for
this family. Al and Dellene Stucky Melodee's parents are also
missionaries in New Guinea.

Saturday night we have a business meeting in our church to clarify the
discipline situation we have been dealing with. Pray that everyone
would understand the issues being dealt with and that those who are
being disciplined would respond properly. Pray for the men in
leadership to be firm yet loving.

If you have written to us recently, we'll try to get a personal note
off to you this week!
Jeanie for Joe too


Taking a break

Dear Family and Friends,

We had a refreshing break in our routine last weekend. Dave Eldert,
one of our missionaries called Friday night to let us know that he and
Tom Bonine (who will be the speaker at our conference, starting
Tuesday this week) were coming through and would be at the bus station
at 7AM. They spent Sat. and Sun. with Ken and Lori and us. Jessica
and Alicia loved having 2 extra "grandpas" around to give them lots
of attention. We enjoyed Tom's enthusiastic approach to life and he
enjoyed getting in on our Kids for Jesus Club and youth group on
Saturday. Sunday it was visitation, Sunday school and church. Dave
patiently worked for hours trying to get our scanner installed but was
unable to complete the job.

We're going to be taking a break from Kids Club for the next 6 weeks.
We've really enjoyed the staff that has been working with us. They
are teaching the verses, giving the lesssons, leading the sing time,
and directing the games. It has been a blessing to help them learn
and improve these skills. We desire to see them continue using their
gifts to honor and glorify God. More than half of the kids who come
are not saved. Pray for them to soon accept the gift of salvation.
Several have begun attending Sunday School regularly.

Tuesday we will be heading to Fortaleza to attend our annual field
conference and business meeting. We look forward to a time of
refreshment and fellowship. We're leaving our computer home, but will
be back on line around the 29th or 30th of June.

Today we had a special fathers' day dinner to honor Joe and Ken.
Alicia came over first bringing presents for her daddy and grandpa.
But as she came in the door I discovered that she was a bit confused.
She told me these are happy birthday presents for Gama and

Have a good week,
Jeanie for Joe too


Rejoicing in Heaven

Dear Family and Friends,

As usual we had a very busy weekend. Yesterday was the 6th
anniversary of our church. That is to say the first service was held
6 years ago. Several of the ladies of the church headed up a birthday
celebration, complete with a beautiful decorated cake. They collected
the ingredients from various people in the church and asked if they
could make the cakes at my house on Saturday. I agreed, but found out
later that they didn't just want to use my kitchen, they were planning
on me to make the cakes AND come up with the ingredients that no one
else had donated. Oh well, what am I here for? That's all part of my
ministry. One lady came to help. We started at 9:30. By the time we
got all the ingredients rounded up, got four 9x13 cakes mixed up and
into the oven it was 11:00. At camp I used to mix up more cakes than
that in short order in our big commercial mixer!

The next question was, how are we going to get these cakes to the lady
who will decorate them? The lady who helped me bake them thought
maybe she and her husband could take them on their motorcycle, but
gladly accepted my offer when I volunteered to take them in the car
AND pick them up again when they were ready.

Would you believe that I missed out on the refreshments at the
celebration! When they started, I was in the nursery and when I
finished up my responsibilities there, Joe was calling me to deal with
a lady who had indicated that she wanted to accept the Lord. That was
a celebration in itself, there was even joy in heaven over this one
sinner who repented and asked Jesus to be her savior! This is another
one of these "irregular" family situations. Bel accepted the Lord
last night, Carlos, the man she is living with accepted the Lord a few
weeks ago. Her children live with them, his children live with the
"other woman." Again we need prayer as we attempt to help them
untangle the mess.

Maxwell and Marie are both enthusiastic about growing in the Lord.
They are studying the Bible and they are making plans to get married.
Pray for the 2 little boys Maxwell Jr. is 4 and Maxwilliam is 3. They
are very unruly. They have lived with their mother, their father,
their grandmother and no one has taught or trained them in the way
they should go. How will this 15 year old bride be able to handle
them? After having them in the nursery for an hour last night, I know
that we will need to work with Maxwell and Maria a lot to help them
get these children under control. Pray that the parents as well as
the boys will respond in a positive manner as we work with them. We
need a lot of wisdom.

We're excited about the staff that is working with us in our
Kids for
Jesus Club
. Saturday was the third time Miriam has done the lesson.
She has improved greatly since the first time she taught. She really
enjoys it and did a lot of extra study to prepare for this lesson.
The fellow who led the singing is very shy. This was only the 2nd
time he has led. There was a marked improvement over the other time.
We had worked with him and given him some hints and he even came up
with some of his own ideas and methods to get the kids to participate
enthusiastically. We praise the Lord for the growth we are seeing in
our staff!

Thanks for your prayers. Your notes are an encouragement to us too.

Jeanie for the 2 of us



Another new Family member

Dear Family and Other Friends,

Did you pray for Maria, Maxwell's girlfriend to be saved? Sunday
night after the evening service she received Jesus as her personal
savior. Please continue to pray for us as we work with them and
endeavor to help them make right choices. We desire to see them grow
and become strong Christians.

We have a special music program on the last Sunday of every month that
has 5 Sundays. Lori is in charge of these special programs and puts a
lot of work into them. A lot of other people help as well. This
time, some skits were included in the program. Several of the young
people made up and presented 2 skits. The theme of the program was
"Maranatha" (Come Lord Jesus). Quite a few unsaved visitors were
present and we are praying that the message that was transmitted will
yet speak to their hearts and that the Holy Spirit will use it to draw
them to Jesus.

We made a quick trip to Fortaleza on Thursday (well not as quick as we
had expected it to be). After driving for an hour, we were stopped at
a Police check point. Sure enough they discovered that our temporary
car document had expired 3 days earlier. They told us the normal
procedure was to fine us and impound the car, but they would go easy
on us and not impound our car but let us go back to Mossoró and get
the proper document. We called Ken and he rushed to the department of
transportation, got there one minute before they closed, found that
the document had arrived (they hadn't notified us- what did we expect,
this is a 3rd world country). Since he has a power of attorney for
Joe, he was able to sign for it and receive the document. Meanwhile
we had come back to Mossoró and Ken came to meet us bringing us the
document. So we turned around and went back again. Three hours after
leaving home, we should have been in Fortaleza but still had 2 hours
to drive before we got there.

We missed the potluck supper that was held in honor of the 3 high
school graduates from our mission, but got there just as the cake was
being cut to serve at the party afterwards. As we walked in, the
cake we brought was whisked away and placed with the others. The next
morning we left early to go to honors chapel at the school so we could
stop first and visit one of our missionaries who was suffering from a
severe intestinal problem. We never got to honors chapel but stayed
instead with this couple and worked all morning, helping them get
caught up on things that had gotten behind. In the afternoon Joe had
an executive committee meeting. And, by the way, we did get to
graduation in the evening and stayed for the reception for the
graduates afterwards so we were able to visit with a lot of people
that we don't see very often.

Saturday we got home in time for lunch and to take Ron and Ranelle to
the bus station to catch their bus to Fortaleza. They catch their
flight to the US early tomorrow morning. They will have a busy 3
months traveling, constantly until they settle down at Ranelle's
parents' place a few weeks before the arrival of the baby.

It was great hearing from several of you. Thanks for writing.
Jeanie for Joe too



Dear Family and other Friends,

Last Thursday Ron and Ranelle arrived here and will be staying for a
few days before heading to the United States for their home
assignment. The moving van with their things arrived on Friday. They
are storing their things here at our place while they are gone. The
mission has allocated them to work with us here in Mossoró after they
return so we are looking forward to that special privilege. Along
with the things that are being stored here, we are also boarding their
cat and dog. It has been interesting as they have had to get used to
the dogs that live next door at Ken and Lori's. And they are still
working on getting rid of some neighborhood cats who like to come into
our yard and act like they live here. One fight with a neighborhood
cat caused Ron and Ranelle's cat to be scared and spend the afternoon
in an attic spot under the roof, until Ron was finally able to coax
her down toward evening.

Last night after church, Maxwell a young man who has been visiting
quite regularly, accepted the Lord as his personal savior. His
brother Milton, who has been praying for him, witnessing to him, and
bringing him to church was thrilled, as were all the rest of us as
well. Maxwell has a lot of things to work through. The girl he is
living with is not his wife, neither is she the mother of his 2 little
boys that live with them. It's a complicated situation to say the
least. When we don't follow God's patterns we often get ourselves
into complicated situations, don't we? Maria, his girl friend has
been coming to church with him and they are doing a Bible study
together with, Reriton. Pray that she will soon accept Christ too.
Pray for Maxwell to grow in His Christian life and that as he
continues to study God's Word he will obey and make right choices.
Pray that we will have wisdom and patience as we endeavor to help him
work through these things.

Next Sunday night we have a special music program. Pray with us that
many unsaved visitors would attend and that some would accept Christ.
The theme of the program is Maranatha!

Have you checked out our web page yet? Some new pictures have been
added including the competition we had at our Kids for Jesus Club last
Saturday. Let us know how you like it.

Have a good week. Drop us a line and let us know what's going on in
your life. Thanks for praying for us. We appreciate it.
Jeanie for Joe too


Dear Family and Other Friends,

We spent quite a bit of time last week getting everything ready for
our big competition for our Kid's club. We had sent out invitations
to all of the parents. We wanted them to come and see what their kids
are involved in at our church. We also thought it would be a good
opportunity to get to know some of them. We planned a quiz over the
last 12 lessons and the game team planned to do some of the favorite
games. We also prepared a snack for everyone. Can you imagine our
disappointment when only one mother and no fathers showed up?

We had a good time anyway. We divided the kids up into 4 teams for
the quiz. They had a great time competing and answered most of the
questions correctly. Not everyone got involved, but a good number of
them did. They kept their same teams for the games outside and
afterwards each member of the winning team received a small prize.
There were also prizes for the 7 who had perfect attendance this
quarter and for the 13 who memorized all 12 of the verses. Check out
our web site for pictures of the Kids Club.

Saturday evening, Jessica came over looking for her Daddy. She had
been running and was all out of breath. I could tell something was
wrong. Finally she managed to say that Alicia had fallen off the arm
of a chair. I went with her and found her Daddy. Ken and Lori rushed
Alicia to the emergency room. Jessica stayed with us. She prayed for
Alicia several times but still it seemed like a long time until they
got back home. The verdict: a broken collar bone. It was last May
that Alicia fell and broke her collar bone just hours before they left
to go the US. We hope this is not an annual event.

I'm waiting for the washing repair man to come again today. This
seems to be a weekly event. Last week he fixed it to make it spin and
this week it's not spinning again. It has a 90 day guarantee. Later
this week Ron and Ranelle will be moving there things out here to
store while they are in the US. Among their things is a washer that
belongs to us. It's a Matag that we bought from an American couple
who had shipped 2 new washers to Brazil. Ours was getting quite old
and showing signs of giving up the ghost. It, however, kept working
so we let Ron and Ranelle use our new one. I think the time has come
to retire our old one. We're glad the old one kept working until now.
Sunday night we had a baptism service. Six people were baptized.
Quite a few visitors were out for the service. Some had never seen a
Christian baptism before.

Have a good week,
Jeanie for Joe too
P.S. I'm glad to be back to one nap a day again. Last week while trying to
get over the flu, I spent more time napping than up. I'm still
coughing but otherwise pretty well recuperated.



Dear Family and other Friends,

Yesterday was mother's day and we had a beautiful service at church.
All of the mothers present received a long stemmed rose, there was a
skit, another presentation, and a good message especially directed to
the Mothers. At least that's what I'm told happened, I didn't go to
church. I spent the entire day in bed. I caught the flu that has
been going around, bummer. I've been in bed most of the day today
too. Finally decided to get up and take a shower and pretend that I
feel better and it actually has helped some. By the way I got all of
the roses that were left over, about 1/2 dozen!
This week we're getting ready for a special time with our Kids' club
next Saturday. We're going to have a competition including questions
over the lessons we've had during the last 12 weeks on Attitudes.
We'll also have sports competition. We've invited the parents to
come. Most of the children who come are not saved and neither are
there parents. Pray that this will be a good opportunity for us to
have some interaction with these parents.
Please continue to pray for the ladies in our church whose husbands
are unsaved. Some of them are going through severe testings. At
least 4 of the men are having affairs with other women. All of the
responsibility of training their children is left up to the mothers.
None of these ladies have been saved for very long and they weren't
brought up in Christian homes so don't have a Christian background to
draw on.
Have a good week and thanks a lot for your prayers. We really
appreciate them. Drop us a note and let us know how things are going
in your home.

Jeanie for Joe too

Jessica's corner (do I dare?) Jessica came to spend the morning with
me and the washing machine repairman was here. While he was waiting
for the washer to fill so he could tell what the problem was he got
thirsty, so he asked Jessica for a drink. She told me later. "That
man wanted a drink and you were busy so I got a chair, climbed up and
got a glass, but I knew that I don't have permission to open your
refrigerater so I saw your big mug full of cold water on the table and
I just put some water from your mug into his glass." It's a good
thing that was before I got the flu!


Dear Family and Other Friends,

May 1st is Labor Day in Brazil. To take advantage of the holiday, we
had our annual church family outing yesterday. We had an excellent
time of fellowship together. Antonio, the owner of the place we
rented is a city council man. He came out mid morning to see how
things were going. He kept serving us treats off the fat of the
land. First it was homemade yogurt. Later it was fruit juice and
then a type of candy similar to brown sugar in brick form made from
sugar cane. He isn't a believer but enjoyed listening to our
discussions, music time etc. He joined in with his concept on certain
issues and didn't seem to mind when we pointed out that according to
the Bible, he had the wrong idea. We hope to have other opportunities
to share the Truth with Antonio.

It rained in the afternoon before we left for home. This caused the
dirt road we had to travel, to get muddy and slippery. The bus ended
up getting stuck. The only way to get out was for all the men and
older boys to get out and help. They had to gather up sticks and
stones to make a path for the tires that wasn't slick. And then they
had to push. It took about an hour for us to get out. Joe said it
was a good thing it happened because it gave an excellent opportunity
for everyone to work together on a project and it was the only way to
resolve the problem.

After tramping around in the mud sometimes ankle deep, they were all a
mess, but everyone was so glad to be out that no one was out of sorts
and most of the group sang choruses on the 30 min. trip home.
Everyone was tired but happy to be home when we pulled in around 6:30
PM. We had a good day.

Please keep praying with us for the women in our church who have
unsaved husbands. We are making an effort to visit in all of their
homes regularly to encourage the women and to develop a friendship
with their husbands in an effort to win them to the Lord. Several of
them seem to be responding to our friendship. That's the first step.
It's hard to catch some of the husbands at home.

We appreciate your prayers,
Jeanie for Joe too

Piiink Ice Cream (4/26)

Dear Family and Other Friends,

We did have a good time at our couple's get away last week. Our group
was smaller than normal. Only 13 went because even though it was a
holiday some of the men had to work.

On Saturday we have an all church outing. May 1st is labor day and
this will be our third annual all church family outing. The last 2
years we went to the beach about 40 miles from here. This year we're
going to a place about 15 miles away. There is a house with a large
porch equipped with hammock hooks, shade trees, grass and a swimming
pool. We leave quite early in the morning. Everyone takes his own
lunch and we should be home by 5 pm. These informal times are great
times for fellowship and we have lots of time for visiting and getting
to know each other better. We'll have a service with lots of singing,
and testimonies and we'll celebrate the Lord's supper together too.

Quite a few of our people have been down with nasty colds. So far
we've managed to stay will. We eat lots of fruit, try to get enough
exercise and enough sleep. Seven month old Daniel was in the hospital
twice, first with a breathing problem and then with diarrhea which
caused dehydration. He is home now and doing well. Praise the Lord!

Please keep praying for Francinha and Jenildo. The situation hasn't
changed much. She's having a hard time and the children are suffering
too. Pray also for the other 9 women in our church who have unsaved

Joe has been having the run around with his glasses. He had his eyes
tested and got progressive lenses. He tried for about 3 weeks, in
vain, to get accustomed to them. Finally he ordered ordinary
bifocals. When he got them he still couldn't see up close well for
reading. He went back to the Dr. and she discovered that she had
given him the wrong prescription. So now he's waiting for the 3rd
pair of lenses. Hopefully he will be able to read well without
straining his eyes. Studying has been difficult for him these last

This morning Alicia came over to play while Lori and Jessica were
having school. She burst into the house and said, "Hi Grandma,
where's Grandpa?" I told her he was having a meeting so she ran to
the study. He wasn't there so she came back and asked again, "Where's
Grandpa?" When I told her he was having a meeting at the church, she
said, "When he gets back, we'll have a snack - ice cream, piiink ice
cream." Those 2 little girls know that Grandpa is game to have a
snack of ice cream with them most any time!

Have a good week,
Jeanie for Joe too

Care Givers (4/19)

Dear Family and other Friends,

We had a wonderful time at the Parklesis Retreat last week. The team
that comes from the states to do the retreat comes with this
question: Who gives care to the caregivers? That's what they came to
do and they pampered us and cared for us all week. We did a lot of
singing as a group, had sessions each day, had lots of time for
fellowship with the other missionaries that came from various parts of
Brazil as well as with the staff, we ate, talked, laughed and played a
lot. The hotel had an excellent swimming pool, game room, and sauna.
One day we went on a dune buggy excursion. There were 9 buggies with
4 passengers each. It was all lots of fun. The retreat was
refreshing and we enjoyed it a lot.

As soon as we got back we realized it was our turn to be the
caregivers again. We ask you to join in prayer with us for a lady in
our church who is in an extremely difficult situation. Francinha and
her husband, Jenildo have 5 children. The oldest is 10 and the
youngest is 3. Recently he has taken to drinking very heavily and to
put it in her words, "He has completely lost his head." He is
running around with a 17 year old girl. Some nights he doesn't come
home at all. He told Francinha that he really cares for this girl a
lot and he is going to buy her a house and go live with her. They
have a little money saved but he is blowing it all, taking this girl
to resaurants and doing things that he has never done for his wife.
Besides the trauma of having the man she loves turn on her, Francinha
is very concerned about how she can possibly support herself and 5
children. Of course he says he will support them, but you know how
that goes.

Three years ago Jenildo nearly died because of his heavy drinking.
Francinha nursed him through that and until recently he had quit
drinking. Now he's at it worse than ever. Pray for her to have
wisdom and know how to act and react in this situation. She is being
bambarded with counsel from all sides, most of it not biblical. Pray
for her to be able to be patient and loving to him and to keep
trusting the Lord to take care of her and the children and to
maintain her sanity. Pray that God will get a hold of Jenildo and
cause him to come to his senses, quit drinking and come back and take
care of his family. Pray most of all that he will see his lost
condition and turn to Jesus Christ for salvation.

Wed. is a Brazilian holiday and the couples' group is planning on
having an outing at a little place out in the country a few miles from
here. Our purpose is to get to know and understand each other better,
have a good time of fellowship and encourage and build each other up.

Thanks for your prayers for us and for our people.
Jeanie for Joe too

Swallowed it (4/6)

Dear family and other friends,

Last night I wrote you a letter and just as I was ready to send it, my
computer at it up. Try as I would, I couldn't get it back, so I just
went to bed. So here goes again. Hope I can do better today.

Easter Sunday dawned bright and clear. Thirty of us from the Christ
is Life Church made our way to the new church property where we held
our very first service. It included breakfast, singing, a study from
the word and time to think together on what the Lord has in store for
the future of our church. What a special way to celebrate Christ's
resurrection! At our evening service an Easter play was presented
followed by a short message explaining who Christ is. There were more
than 20 visitors present. It's a great privilege to share the good
news of salvation with them and we're trusting the Holy Spirit to burn
the Word into their hearts bringing a positive response.

Yesterday was a cloudy, rainy day. We had quite a bit of thundering
and lightening and ended up with nearly 2 inches of rain. We're glad
for that since we hadn't gotten much rain in the last 2 weeks. Things
are still green and look real nice and we're praying for the rains to

Last night Lori and I had a music leaders' training class for those
who are taking turns leading the music in our "Kid's Club". They all
braved the rain and came. We have recently acquired all of the Child
Evangelism song books - "Salvation Songs for Children" in
Portuguese. We encouraged them to make use of many of these good
songs for children. We've made song visuals to go with over 20 of the
songs. Lori gave some hints on how to lead enthusiastically and get
the kids to respond in the same manner. She also gave some helpful
information on how to plan and prepare for leading the song time.

Next week we're going to a Renewal in Ministry seminar in Natal, our
state capital a 3-4 hour drive from here. Ron and Ranelle are also
going and will be picking us up to ride with them. We're looking
forward to a time of rest and relaxation and recharging of our

Have a good week,
Jeanie for us 2

Blessed Easter 3/31
Dear Family and other Friends,

We've just added a member to our family, a 16 year old girl, Ledyane.
She came to us Sunday night and asked if she could come and live with
us. She comes from a very unhappy home situation. One other time
when things were especially difficult for her, we had invited her to
come and stay with us, but then she went to live with an uncle only to
find that to be a worse situation than she had at home.

We invited her to come and stay with us for a week, but we said that
she had to get her mother's permission. We didn't want her running
away from home. She got permission and she's coming this afternoon.
It's possible that in a week she'll find that the way the Americans
eat and live is really wierd and she may be eager to get back home
again. If not, we'll talk with her mother and make further plans.
Pray for us to be sensitive to her needs and to be able to adjust to
parenting a teenager. It's been quite a while since we've had one of

Easter week end is a big holiday for the Brazilians. They usually get
out of school on Thursday or sooner, many businesses close, Drs.
offices etc. are also closed. Many people travel to go visit
relatives or go to the beach. They don't know what they're
celebrating, but they do celebrate. We decided to cancel our Kid's
club for this Saturday since many of the kids probably won't be
here. Instead, we're going to have a swimming party in the morning
for those who have had perfect or near perfect attendance during this
year and are able to come.

Sunday will be a busy day as well with an early morning service held
on the property of our future church site. This will be the first
service there and we're looking forward to a good time of fellowship
in singing, a devotional and breakfast. In the afternoon we'll have
Sunday school at 5:00 and then our evening service at 6:30. Last week
we voted on continuing this schedule. Some don't like it but the
majority find it to be better for them and like having the 2 services
together. In the evening we will have an Easter play followed by an
evangelistic message. We're praying that our unsaved visitors will
understand the meaning of Christ's death on the cross as well as His
ressurrection. And that they will accept the gift of eternal life
that Christ is offering them. That would give them a reason to

You have a wonderful weekend as you celebrate Christ's ressurrection!

Jeanie for Joe too

Are you prepared for Y2K?

March 23, 1999

Dear Family and Other Friends,

Last week we made a quick trip into Fortaleza. We attended the
graduation exercises of one of our former campers who was a regular
for years and also helped as a counsellor later on. Joe was pastor
of her church before that, when she was still very young so we've
known the family for years. She was thrilled that we had come for her
graduation from the nursing program at the university. We had a good
visit with her and her sister at their apartment the next day. We
spent some time with Ron and Ranelle and visited in the homes of 2 of
our other missionary couples. We had the privilege of encouraging one
couple that was rather discouraged and we did some grocery shopping.
It was a whirlwind trip but we felt that we accomplished a lot in a
short time.

Sunday night we had a special music program at church. The theme
centered on who Christ is and what He does and our response to Him.
The plan of salvation was given out very clearly. We had quite a few
visitors, some first timers and others who have come before. We pray
that the holy spirit will use the message of salvation that was given
in song to draw some of these folk to Jesus.

We're working on a small building project, making a store room out
behind our house. Seems like we have too much stuff. Do you know the
feeling? Some things are just too good to throw away and besides who
knows we might need them later on, so it just kind of accumulates.
Anyway when we have a proper place to store this stuff so we can have
it organized, we'll be able to find it when we need it. Gotta be
prepared for Y2K!

Pray with us for 8 people in our church who have unsaved spouses.
Pray that they will be loving, and patient. Pray for God to touch the
hearts of the spouses and draw them to Himself.

Thank you for your interest in our work and for your part in the
ministry as you pray. We also appreciate those of you who keep us
informed of what's going on in your lives. We have a new web site.
Check it out at:

Jeanie for Joe too

Are we busy or what?

March 10, 1999
Dear Family and Other Friends,

Last night we had our monthly couples' meeting at church. Twenty-two
came including the unsaved husbands of 2 of the women. They seem to
enjoy coming and we're glad to have them with us. We did a study on
friendship and several of the people had some interesting comments to
make. We also played a couple of games and then had a wiener roast.
Our main purpose in these meetings is for fellowship and encouragement
and to help the unsaved spouses feel comfortable with us in an
informal setting. Of course, we desire to win them to the Lord. We
have a national holiday coming up next month so we're making plans for
our group to have a one day outing at a place a short distance from
town. We're hoping that the young people will stay and take care of
their younger brothers and sisters and other little children so the
moms and dads can really have a day off.

Monday we got nearly an inch of rain. What a blessing! Keep praying
for rain. We need some good rains during the coming 2 or 3 months.
So far we have gotten very little. Last year we had very little and
the water table is very low. Water seems to be something we take for
granted until we don't have it. However everything seems to be
hampered when we don't have a sufficient supply to meet our needs.

Joe got his stitches out last Friday. Had you heard that he had a
motorcycle accident? He was coming home from downtown on a busy
street when a bicycle pulled out in front of him. He swerved to miss
him and managed to fall and go rolling down the street. Fortunately
no other vehicles were there at the moment. He whacked his had hard
on the curb and bruised it quite badly and cut his little finger and
had to get it stitched up. He also ripped half of one fingernail off,
ouch. He had a few minor scrapes and scratches. The motor cycle got
scratched a bit How thankful we are for the Lord's hand of protection
over him. He had a lot of pain for several days and the finger isn't
quite healed yet. Pray that it will heal quickly and that he won't
get any infection. It's hard to do anything without bumping it or
getting it wet which slows down the healing.

We celebrated Jessica's 6th birthday last week. She reminded us that
we need to have here over more often because we haven't spent much
time together lately. And she's right. It seems that our schedule
has been full preparing for classes, training leaders, having
meetings, doing visits, keeping up on correspondence and other office
work, as well as ordinary household tasks and we haven't taken time
out to just be together. So we had her over for dinner one day and
another day we had her over and played some games together and read
several chapters of a book. It's pretty bad when we're so busy we
can't spend time with our grandchildren who live next door!

Last Sunday we divided my Sunday school class into 2. I was teaching
the 7-12 year olds. Now I have the 10-12 year olds. We had a good
time together and I'm looking forward to working with this age group.
I gave them each a sheet to take home with a daily bible reading
relating to our lesson and one question to answer each day. I'm
hoping this will get them into the habit of personal devotions. Most
of these kids don't get much encouragement along these lines in their
homes. Some are the only believers in their home.

We'd like to hear from you,
Jeanie for Joe too

PS Just got word about noon today that Carlos' father passed away this
morning. Word has it that he drank himself to death. Carlos is the
oldest in the family. He's in his 20's and has been a Christian for
several months. He has struggled with temptation to drink and has not
always come through victoriously. He's the only believer in his family.
We went and spent some time with the family before the burial this
afternoon. Pray that the Lord will use this situation to bring some of
them to himself and that Carlos will be stronger. His mother has
attended some of our services.

Prayer Request

February 23, 1999

Dear Family and other Friends,

This is just a quick note to ask you to pray for Eva and Leo. Eva is
a dear, sweet Christian from our church. She hasn't been saved very
long, but she really loves the Lord and desires to serve Him. She has
finished our teacher's training course and has begun teaching Sunday
school. Her husband is not a believer and besides being unfaithful in
their marriage relationship, he makes unrealistic demands on her and
sometimes doesn't let her come to church. Other times he comes and
calls her out. He also has a drinking problem. They have 3 children
ages, 10, 9 and 5. All of them have accepted Jesus as their Saviour.
Please pray for Eva to remain strong during this very difficult time
in her life. Pray for God to get ahold of Leo and for him to realize
his lost condition and that he will be saved. Pray for the kids too.

We also need rain. This is the season that we should be getting lots
of rain. But we've gotten little so far. Pray.

So glad we can count on you to remember these requests. Let us know
if you have some requests we can pray for.
Jeanie for us 2


Two new members in God's family

February 18, 1999
Dear Family and other Friends,

Thank you for praying for retreat. We had a great time. On the last night one girl from here and one from the visiting church accepted God's free gift of salvation. Was retreat worthwhile? One soul is worth more than the whole world! Others made important decisions in their lives as well. Our prayer is that the resolve to carry out these decisions will not fade as the excitement of retreat fades.

Our facilities were taxed to the maximum with 62 (I believe) campers. We had 75 for meals. Everyone cooperated beautifully even though the facilities were not "ideal". I never did find out how many girls slept in our house. I just know that except for our bedroom, kitchen and laundry room, there were girls everywhere. When I went upstairs one night to quiet them down after time for lights out, it was a good thing I took my flashlight because we literally had wall to wall people. Some were in hammocks, a few lucky ones got beds and some were on mattresses or mats on the floor.

The visiting speaker from Fortaleza did a good job and really got next to the kids. There was time for music, Bible quizzes, pantomimes of Bible stories, swimming, volley ball, soccer, ping-pong, silly games and skits and free time just for visiting and getting to know each other. There was also a LITTLE time for sleeping.

We got notes of appreciation from several of the kids. Following is part of what one girl wrote:
"I thank God first of all, and then you for this retreat. Thanks for giving up your privacy and offering your house for us to use. I realize that you have worked very hard to organize this retreat, prepare the meals, and keep everything running smoothly. In case you hear that anybody didn't like this retreat or anything like that, don't be sad or discouraged. Because God knows and I know that you did the maximum to make this enjoyable for all of us. I'm so thankful to be separated from the world during this carnival time. May God bless you and your family and your home."

A note like that kinda takes the ache out of a tired back. The kids from Ron and Ranelle's church left for home about 1:00AM Wed. by chartered bus. Our kids stayed over night and most of them stayed to help with clean up the next morning. By 10:00 most things were back to normal. As we were enjoying a snack, several spontaneously expressed their appreciation and how much the retreat meant to them. We are praying that during the days to come God will accomplish great things in and through our young people for His glory.

Jeanie (for Joe too)

Getting ready

February 11, 1999

Dear Family and Other Friends,

We went shopping at the little super market in our community at 6 this
morning for groceries for retreat. We went early to beat the crowd
which we did since we were the first customers of the day. By the
time we had our cart piled high with such commodities as 20 kilos
(nearly 50 lb.) of sugar, 10 kilos of flour, 15 kilos of rice and much
more and got to the check out quite a few other customers had showed
up. Most were getting just a few items and one lady expressed her
irritation that she had to wait so long while they checked all of our
groceries. We would have let her go ahead of us but they had already
started ours so we couldn't. On Friday's and Saturdays they have two
checkers but only have one on other days.

It's surprising that these little private owned stores with mostly
family members as employees have cheaper prices on most items than the
big chain stores. The owner of this store is very friendly and
usually gives us some tomatoes whenever go shopping there. We like
the personal touch.

Our list of "to do before retreat" gets more items checked off each
day but it seems that just as many get added. Several from the church
have voluntarily pitched in and helped with preparations. Several
also "worked" to earn at least part of the registration fee for
retreat. Sometimes supervising such a work crew is more work than the
labor accomplished, but we don't want to turn anyone away because they
can't afford to come.

In 2 days the "gang" will descend on us whether we're ready or not.
We really look forward to a great time together with our kids and the
ones coming from Ron and Ranelle's church as well. The theme of the
retreat is taken from I Tim. 4:12 "Let no one look down on your
youthfulness, bur rather in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity,
show yourself an example of those who believe." Should be good.

We're counting on your prayers. We'll let you know how it all turns
Jeanie for the 2 of us
PS Dr. Luis Claudio has been asking a lot of questions about the
Bible, salvation, church membership etc. recently. Pray that soon he
will put aside all of his reservations and receive the free gift of

Home Sweet Home

January 31, 1999

Dear Family and other Friends,

Friday evening we got home after being in Fortaleza at our mission
retreat and business meeting all week. We barely got in the door and
the electricity went off. We noticed that everybody around us had
electricity so Joe went and checked at the pole. He discovered that
if he wiggled the wire that hooked to the meter the lights came back
on. That worked for a while but soon the lights began flickering a
lot so Joe called the light company to come and fix the problem.

Meanwhile I decided to log on to get our email. Got a message that
our server was temporarily down. So while Joe was waiting for the
repairman to get here, I decided to take a shower and go to bed. Soon
after I got in bed the electricity went off again. I managed to go to
sleep without the fan. Soon after, I woke up with a start when I
heard a crack and rushing water. But the time I got up and groped my
way to the bathroom in the dark, water was running from the bath room
into the bedroom. The toilet tank had cracked wide open from top to
bottom and water was pouring out. I managed to find Joe and with the
aid of his flashlight and some tools, he got the water shut off.

Meanwhile the electricians arrived and discovered that the loose wire
had caused the electric meter to burn out. By the time they had that
replaced and the electricity was on again and we got the water mopped
up in the bedroom and bathroom, it was about midnight. We dropped
into bed and drifted off to sleep with thoughts of "home sweet home"
going through our minds.

Conference was great. Messages on "Possessing the Land" were a
blessing and challenge to us. The one dealing with discouragement
really hit home to us. We came away greatly encouraged and with a
determination to deal with the problems that are within us and serve
the Lord with courage in spite of other people's attitudes, words or

Last night we had our annual church meeting. It was very
encouraging. We were unanimous on nearly all of our votes. We had a
few healthy discussions and were able to disagree in an agreeable
manner on a couple of issues. We have a lot of exciting things coming
up. The church voted to buy land (which we are getting at a very good
price because our money is in dollars which have just taken a big jump
in buying power in relation to the real (Brazilian currency). The
Lord worked out many details in relation to this land and it's
availability at this exact time.

We have busy days ahead. In just 2 weeks, we will be in the midst of
our youth retreat. After retreat is over we're going to be doing a 6
week experiment with a different schedule for our Sunday services,
putting our Sunday school in the late afternoon and the evening
service right afterwards, starting earlier in the evening and getting
done earlier. We're also going to be looking into what is necessary
for getting a Christian school started.

Let's pray for each other to keep our eyes focused on Jesus and that
we don't forget the importance of our daily quiet time in the midst of
the busyness of our schedules. We must constantly "Abide in Christ".

Joe and Jeanie


Welcome visitors

January 10, 1999
Dear Family and Other Friends,

This afternoon was perfect for a nice nap. It was gently raining. We
got about 3/4 inch of welcome rain. This is the second shower in a
week's time. How thankful we are. Already green is starting to peek
through in places in the lawn that were totally brown! City water has
been coming in also, so our cistern is full again. Praise the Lord!

We have enjoyed having Ron and Ranelle with us since last Monday. We
have had to continue our studies and preparations for church
responsibilities so when we were busy they got out their lap-top and
worked on correspondence etc. They have done some visitation with us
also. Tonight Ron will be preaching. I don't know if I've ever heard
him preach before so I'm looking forward to that.

As usual, we had some computer questions for Ron to answer. He always
helps us resolve our computer problems and also teaches us to make
better use of our programs. I use tables a lot for charts for Sunday
school etc. He showed me ways to use them that will save me a lot of
time. I knew their were ways to do these things, I just couldn't
figure them out. He is helping Joe make more use of the On Line Bible
I got him for his birthday.

We've also taken time to visit, play games go swimming and even go on
a picnic up to a small mountain near here. You people who live in
mountainous areas would call it a hill. But anyway we had fun. We
went in the late afternoon so we could look down and watch the city
lights come on in Mossoró.

This is vacation time from school for the Brazilians so we are also
having vacation from our adolescent program. We'll start up again on
Feb. 20th. Pray for us to come up with some creative ideas to make
this a more meaningful time for the kids and that we will be able to
train our workers to be more skillful in their leadership abilities.
Most of them haven't been involved in anything like this before.

We are also getting ready to have a retreat with the young people Feb.
13-17. We have invited the youth group from the church at Pajuçara
where Ron and Ranelle work, to come also. So we are expecting to have
around 50. That will stretch our creativity in the kitchen, using
ordinary home type stoves and other equipment. While we were working
at camp, I sometimes cooked for groups of over 100, but we had a
kitchen equipped for it. I'm sure we will manage, somehow.

Have a good week and drop us a line. Thank you for praying for us.
We appreciate it much.
Jeanie (for Joe too)