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Christmas Joy (12/17)

Happy Thanksgiving (11/22)

Safe Travels 10/12

Celebration (10/1)

Another try (8/22)

Semester Break (7/19)
Comings and Goings (6/21)

Busy! (5/21)

Thanks a Bunch! (4/23)
What about ice-cream? (4/9)


Christmas Joy

Dear Family and Friends,

Our second school year at Alpha is finished. The closing program last week went very well. We were pleased with the number of parents and friends who came. The kids did a great job on their musical. Lori put in many hours of practice with them and it paid off.

This morning we met with the staff to make plans for the coming school year. While we were meeting one prospective teacher came by and at least 2 mothers came by to get information for registering their children. Keep praying with us for an increase in students and for the right teachers. We feel that 50-60 students would be a good number for this coming year.

Ron, Ranelle and Caleb left last week on Tuesday for a 3 week vacation in the US. They will have Christmas with Ranelle's family and attend her brother's wedding. We're missing them already. It's really quiet in our house with the upstairs apartment empty. We need to get used to that since they will be moving to their own house soon after they get back.

Last Thursday Joe and I went to Fortaleza where he had a committe meeting. We took Jessica along so she could attend the
Fortaleza Academy Christmas program with us. It was very nice. Probably the high light for Jessica was lunch at MacDonalds.
She got to have a Big Mac and a whole order of fries which was more than she could eat!

We have our final Christmas program practice on Saturday night at church and the program will be held on Sunday night. We are expecting a full house. Pray that our unsaved friends who come will reach out and accept the best Christmas present
anyone could ever receive - eternal life.

We wish you a wonderful holiday season. May you have much joy as you celebrate the birth of our Wonderful Savior. And may you enjoy God's richest blessings during the coming year.

With much love,
Joe and Jeanie

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Family and Friends,

We're thinking of you today as you celebrate Thanksgiving with your family or other friends. This is not a holiday in Brazil, but the electric company in conjuction with the government declared Nov 21 as a holiday this year in our state. They did 2 last month and 2 this month. All businesses, schools etc. are required to be closed and this is supposed to save electricty. So far we have kept
within our allowed quota since they started the rationing, so haven't had to pay a fine (or worse yet) get cut off. All that just to say that we took advantage of the day off school at Alfa yesterday and had our Thanksgiving dinner with our family one day early.

We're working on the school closing activities at Alfa. December 12th is our last day for this school year. We will end with a
special assembly for parents and other friends. This includes graduation for the 5 students who are finishing kindergarten and going into first grade next year.

We wish to express our sincere thanks to those of you you sent special gifts to help with the expenses at Alfa and of course, we appreciate the regular monthly gifts that some of you send. We really appreciate your financial support and your prayers.
Please pray for wisdom in hiring new teachers and also for the Lord to bring some new students for the coming year and
that the parents who are having financial dificulties will somehow be able to keep their children in school.

At church we are working diligently on the Christmas program and also making plans for a New Year's Eve program. It has been a joy to see several of our church people become more involved in the ministry at church this year and to see them reach out to others. Several unsaved friends have been coming to services off and on in recent weeks. Pray that soon they will put their trust in Christ for salvation.
Thank you for praying for work for the men in our church. Max-Well and Francisco have both started on their new jobs and we are thankful for that, but both of them have to work some Sundays and also some evenings so they have to miss some of the church activities.

This week end Bruce and LeeAnn Nichols and their family with be with us and we will be having special services at church on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We are looking forward to having a good time together.

Drop us a note and let us know how things are going with your family and let us know if you have any requests that we can pray about with you.

Busy in His Service,
Jeanie for Joe too

Safe Travels

Dear Family and Friends,
Today is a national holiday in Brazil. It is the day they set aside to honor the patron saint of the country. The stores were closed, there was no school and most people were off work. Since Jessica and Alicia were off school, we decided to have a tea party as a special welcome home for Lori and Anabel. Jessica helped me bake some cookies and set the table with placemats, china and
candles. Lori also brought a treat she had brought back from the states - choclate covered raisens, yum! We're all glad they arrived back home safe and sound after three busy weeks of visiting family, churches and other friends in the US.

Sam, Deb, Brian and Andrew also arrived safely back in Bamako, West Africa on Wednesday of this week. They are busily working on getting housekeeping set up, getting car documents in order etc. They want to get back into the ministry and home schooling as soon as possible.

We would like to ask you to pray for the men in our church to be able to improve their living conditions. Some are without jobs and some are looking for better jobs. Lindomar recently lost his job. Max-Well is expecting to start a new job soon. Milton is taking a course with the hope of getting a better job. Francisco also needs a job. Leomar the unsaved husband of one of the women in our church had a job but didn't get paid so he quit. Pray for a job for him and for his salvation. Several of the people in our church have recently had a lot of medical expenses. Many are just "getting by." Pray for God's abundant provision for each one.

Pray also for the Alfa School to finish out this school year well - two months to go. We could sure use some extra donations in
order to be able to pay the teachers' salaries and meet our other expenses. Many of the parents are having a real struggle being able to pay the tuition. Pray for Ken as he looks for teachers for next year, we need 2 or 3 in addition to the ones we have. Also pray for more students.

Thank you for your prayers for us and our people,
Joe & Jeanie


Dear Family and Friends,

Yesterday we had a special breakfast meeting at our new church property to commemorate the freeing of the slaves. According to the history of our state, the first freeing of slaves in Brazil took place right here in Mossoró on Sept. 30th but I don't know what year.
At our meeting yesterday, we also celebrated our liberty from Satan, sin, and eternal punishment in hell. Those of us who made it out at 7 AM ate, sang, appreciated a devotional and had a good time of fellowship together.
Friday at Alpha was report card day so we celebrated the completion of the 3rd quarter of our second school year. We also had a special presentation called "Discover Mossoró." The students and teachers did research on the history of Mossoró and had set up several displays. They worked hard, interviewing some of the folks who have lived in Mossoró for a long time, visiting historical buildings, doing research in books, and learning the Mossoró Anthem. To close the program they sang this anthem for us and even the 2 and 3 year olds sang with great gusto!
Please pray for sufficient finances for Alpha to meet our monthly expenses. We need monthly donars as well as one time
donations. Also please begin praying with us for more students for the coming school years which begins in Feb. 2002. We have 27 students this year. It's not hard to do the math to figure out that the tuition they pay doesn't come near paying the teacher's salaries and of course there are many other expenses as well.
Pray also that through the ministry of Alpha students and their families will be saved and grounded in the Word and that together we will reach out to the lost in our community with the good news of salvation.
Joyfully serving our Lord,
Joe and Jeanie

Another try

Dear Family and Friends,

E-mail has been on the shelf for the past weeks. First the modem went out on my computer. Ron was able to get our e-mail
transferred to Joe's computer, and then Ken and Lori left for a few days and Grandma and Grandpa kept Jessica, Alicia and Anabel.
Needless to say, those three little girls kept us pretty busy and working on the computer was not one of our priorities during those
days. Finally when we had time to start thinking about e-mail again, we discovered that the address book hadn't transferred from the
one computer to the other. Oh the joys of modern technology! What would we do without Ron, to "fix" thing up? We're up and
going again now so will try to keep you better informed of what's going on.

We did enjoy having the girls with us and I think they had a good time too. They missed their parents, but didn't think about it most
of the time. They were excited about talking to them on the phone a couple of times. We kept Caleb one day too and that was fun
for everyone.

During school break, Joe was able to get most of the work done on the new section of the school building and we are now using all
of the new rooms. Today he is fixing a problem. There is a leak in the wall. Yesterday he had to chop out some ceramic tile to
discover the location. Hopefully he will be able to get the cracked elbow replaced today and, of course then it will have to be
replastered and new tile put on. Always something to keep busy one.

Have you been praying for Fatima? She is growing in the Lord and has been bringing unsaved friends to most of our services. I'm
doing the disciplehip lessons for new believers with her. She doesn't know how to read very well, so she asked 2 of her unsaved
friends to help her read the questions and look up the verses and find the answers. I meet with her each week to see if she
answered all the questions correctly and to see if she understands the material. Her friends that help her with the lesson decided
they wanted to meet with us too so they can understand better. Pray that they will understand and trust Christ for their salvation.

Pray also for Fabíula, a young lady whom I meet with each week to study the Bible. She seems to understand the plan of salvation
and she knows she needs the Lord, but isn't quite ready to take that step. Her mother professes to be a believer, but has been
attending a church that is not doctrinally sound. She often sits in on our study and asks a lot of questions. Fabíula has been
coming quite regularly to our Sunday evening services and her mother comes sometimes too.

Yours for the lost in Mossoró,
Jeanie for the 2 of us

PS. Joe went with me this evening to the Bible Study with Fabíula. We had the privilege of praying with her as she put her trust in
Christ for salvation! Pray for her growth.

Semester Break

Dear Friends and Family,
Last week end we were gone. We went to a wedding back at Silver Lake Bible
Camp. We were really surprised to see how beautifully the bride had
decorated the chapel and the dining hall for the occasion. The wedding was
very nice and we enjoyed visiting with many friends at the wedding and also
on Sunday when we participated both in the morning and evening in the church
we used to attend during the years we worked at camp.

Today was the last day of classes for this semester at Alpha. We have a 3
week break from classes and start again on August 6th. Yesterday afternoon
we had a meeting with the teachers and parents and report cards were handed
out. I was pleased to be able to give higher grades to some of my English
students than I gave them last grading period. That's progress! I still
need wisdom to be more creative and make learning fun and interesting!

We have plans to get lots done during these 3 weeks. Finish work on the
building at school, Sunday school planning, discipleship with people who are
interested in being baptized and becoming members of our church, and much
more is on our list.

Two weeks ago a young lady, the mother of one of our Alpha students,
accepted the Lord. I had a good visit with her one evening this week and
tomorrow we are going to do the first discipleship lesson. Her son accepted
the Lord at school and has encouraged her to do the same. Since she had
seen a change in his behavior, she decided she needed to be saved as well.
Pray for Fatima and her son to grow spiritually. She is a single mom and
works long hours everyday except Sunday to provide for herself and her son.

Pray with us that others of the students and their parents would come to
know the Lord. Please continue to pray for the construction workers at Ron
and Ranelle's place as well. Josivan and his wife have been at church
several times and love when we stop by their house for a visit. Reginaldo
and Reinaldo are 2 other unsaved workers.

Thanks for your prayers. Drop us a line and let us know how we can pray for
Jeanie for the 2 of us


Comings and Goings

Dear Friends and Family,

There have been a lot of people coming and going this month. On the 6th the
youth group from one of our supporting churches in SD came with 4 sponsors,
13 people in all. By the time they left on the 16th, we felt that we knew
them all quite well and they have a special place in our hearts.

It was a big encouragement to us to have them here. We appreciated their
willingness to stick to the work and get the project done. They got up at
5:30 each morning and were on the job by 6:00. The project they worked on
was the beginning of the construction at our new church site. They cleared
a big area of land, made a septic, and built a building for storage with 2
bath rooms on one end. As funds come in, we plan to pour a slab and put a
roof over it so we can begin having meetings there. The storage room is
essential for this to come about, because we will need a place to store
building supplies as well as chairs and other equipment for church.

There was time for fun too including a couple of trips to the beach,
shopping, and a tour of a cashew processing plant. They also participated
in a special evangelistic program one evening together with our church
people. In the afternoon we went door to door together passing out
invitations and in the evening they sang, played instruments, gave
testimonies and presented a puppet skit. We had a big crowd out in spite of
the fact that it was raining.

Tomorrow morning Steve and Jessica Mana will be leaving. They have been
with us for 6 months helping with English and Music at Alpha and also with
music, kids club and other activities at church. We have appreciated their
ministry with us and we will miss them greatly.

We have a couple of prayer requests. One is for Antonia, mother of 3 who
had a hysterectomy this evening. She had a tumor and we trust that the
surgery took care of it. She and her husband head up kid's club. Pray for
her recuperation. The other is for Mariane, the infant daughter of one of
our church couples. She will be having hernia surgery next week.

We appreciate you and your prayers and your notes of encouragement.

Joyfully serving Him,
Joe and Jeanie



Dear Family and Friends,

Yesterday in the children's SS classes, we reviewed the first 12 Firm
Foundations lessons and next Sunday we'll review lessons 13-25. We started
this series a while back and then abandoned it for a while because I wasn't
able to keep up on the translation. Quite a few of the children who come
are from unsaved homes and we are praying that through these lessons, they
will see their need and accept the gift of salvation.

We didn't get much rain this year and it appears that the rainy season is
over. They tell us that the reservoirs of water that generate our
electricity are very low and that beginning in June our electricity will be
rationed. We don't know for sure what to expect because each time we hear
something, the story changes a bit, but we are working on being more
resourceful and cutting back where we can.

Joe has been surpervising the finish work on the 2nd floor at Alpha. He
manages to just tell the guys what to do without getting physically involved
(or at least so he tells me). This week we go back to the Dr. for a check
up to see how things are healing up after his hernia surgery. Ken will be
driving us to Fortaleza and while we're there, we'll attend the high school
graduation at the Fortaleza Acadamy.

Next month we're looking forward to having a group of youth from one of our
supporting churches in South Dakata and their sponsors come and help us on a
work project. We're excited about having them here and ask your prayers for
their safety and health during their trip and their time here and also that
it would be a meaningful time for them and for us and our church as we all
work together to get started working on the construction at our new church

Several of the people in our church are going through some difficult times.
We'll just mention one family here and ask you to pray for them. Antonia,
mother of 3 children ages 11-15 is needing to have surgery to remove a
growth. She needs to have a test done first and it is expensive so she has
put it off. Her husband's salary barely pays for their normal living
expenses. Pray for God to provide for them and that she will be able to
have the surgery, that it will be successful and that she will recuperate
and be able to take care of her family.

Drop us a line. We appreciate your prayers. Send us your requests and
we'll pray for you as well.
Busy in His service,
Jeanie for Joe too


Thanks a Bunch!

Dear Family and Friends,

Thanks to many of you who have sent us notes of encouragement and who have
been praying for us during these days. We really appreciate your interest
and concern. Joe's surgery went well last Wed. and, so far, he's taking it
pretty easy. I'm pampering him, as much as he'll let me. We've both been
reading quite a bit. We're each reading our own books and we're reading one
book together. Several people have stopped in here at the mission guest
house to visit and some have even brought in meals, so I'm being pampered
too. Several of the church people from Mossoró have called us and that has
been an encouragement as well.

This week, Wed. and Thursday Joe has some mission meetings to attend and
Wed. afternoon he gets his stitches taken out. Thursday night the Fortaleza
Academy will be presenting a play and on Friday morning we plan to go home.
Once we get home, I know it will be harder for Joe to let others do the
work, while he takes it easy. Keep praying for him.

Yesterday was the first day we had sunshine since we arrived here in
Fortaleza. It has rained a lot. There have been floods and many people
have lost their homes. The paper last week said more than 39,000 people
were homeless and at least 8 had died in the floods. Today is another
sunny day. It has been raining some in Mossoró too but not so much as here.
The construction on Ron's house goes on.

I've had some time to work on translating the work book pages for the Firm
Foundations lessons while we are here and I've done some planning for
English classes at Alpha. They were able to use the large upstairs room for
assembly last Friday. Joe had put in extra hours to get that ready for use
before his surgery. There is still finish work to be done, but at least
it's useable.

Keeping busy here in Fortaleza,
Jeanie for Joe too

If you would rather not receive our updates, please let us know and we will
take your name off our mailing list. (there will be no charge for that
service) :>)

For those of you who like to forward e-mail messages: Just want to let you
know that we receive many (some are excellent, others not quite so good,
many are duplicates) and we rarely send them on, or send them back, we
don't even take time to read all of them. We do not open attatchments unless
there is a personal message in the e-mail telling us what it is. We really
enjoy personal messages and updates and make an effort to answer every
personal message. Keep them coming!



What about ice-cream?

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope you have been praying for us even though we haven't been writing to

Last week was quite a week. It started on a sad note on Sunday when a young
man, age 26 who has been working with us on construction for several years
was killed in a motor cycle accident. The funeral was on Monday.

Tuesday we went to Fortaleza for some medical tests and exams in preparation
for Joe to have hernia surgery on April 18. We left right after my English
classes and went straight to the Dr.'s office arriving at 3:00 for a 3:30
appointment. The receptionist informed us that his appointment was for 4:00
Wed. but she said she could work him in.

As soon as we were finished there, we started making phone calls to set up
our schedule for Wed., which included blood tests at a lab, a Dr.
appointment with another Dr., a stress test, and a sonogram. Each done
in different buildings in different parts of town.

After getting that all lined up, we had supper in the home of one of our
fellow missionary couples and then Joe who is the coordinator-counselor for
the Fortaleza missionaries interviewed them to see how they are doing.

Wed. morning at 6:30 we went to the lab and by noon had completed 3 of our
appointments. We finally had brunch at 11 AM and then did some shopping and
had one more appointment in the afternoon. Amazingly we were able to pick
up all of the test results by 4:00 PM. We took them to our mission nurse,
and by 6:00 we were headed home. We were tired but glad we were able to
accomplish all we had set out to do on that trip.

Joe is working very hard this week to try to get 3 rooms upstairs at the
school ready for use. After surgery, the Dr. has informed him, "You have to
act like an executive you cannot do any lifting or anything physically
stressful for 90 days. That will be extremely difficult for him! How
will I ever keep him down?

We have recently removed some of the inactive members from membership in our
church. This is not a very pleasant task, but we are anticipating great
things from the Lord. The members we now have are all involved in ministry
and are desirous to grow spiritually. Pray for us to be able to let go and
leave more responsibility in their hands. One of the girls planned and is
directing a small play for our Easter service.

We want to ask you to pray for Cleiton, one of our teenage fellows who has
recently been having panic attacks. He has seen a Dr. and is starting some
medication today. He has not gone to classes for 2 weeks, in fact he hardly
leaves home.

We would appreciate your prayers for Joe's surgery on Wed. and for his
recovery afterwards. Pray for him to be able to rest, study, visit and do
such things which aren't physically stressful. Jessica is wondering if
he'll be able to make ice cream before the 90 days are up! As far as she's
concerned it would be a tragedy if he couldn't.

Drop us a line,
Jeanie for Joe too