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Back at it (8/7)
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New Address (6/6)

Drop us a line (5/22)

Labor Day (4/27)

Three of each (3/20)

Vacation (3/6)

We're off and running (2/15)

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Lots going on (1/24)

New Year - New Opportunities (1/10)

Happy New Year (1/1)

Back at it

Dear Friends and Family,

We're glad to be alive and well. The weekend that we were at the missions
conference at Pajuçara, Joe wasn't feeling so well. Apparantly he had the
flu, which left him week and achy all over - even his skin hurt!
Fortunatelly he was able to rest in the afternoons and managed to do a good
job with his message each evening.
In spite of his not feeling well, both of us enjoyed the conference and we
were challanged and encouraged. The Lord spoke to our hearts and we, as
well as many people from the church re-committed our lives to serve the Lord
in whatever place and whatever way He desires. We were pleased to see young
people, young couples and older people too make that committment.
One interesting presentation given was about the work among the gypsies in
Brazil and in Canada. We had never realized that the gypsies are actually a
people group with their own language, customs and culture. They are a needy
people. Not all of them wander about but some have more permanent homes
and "normal" jobs. We want to look for them here in Mossoró. We have found
out a little information about them since we arrived home, but have had a
rather busy schedule and haven't been able to pursue it much.
Talking of a busy schedule - when we went in to Fortaleza, we took Suzanne
in to catch her plane and go back to the United States, we enjoyed having
her here helping in the Mossoró ministry for 2 weeks. Before coming home we
made another trip to the air port and picked up Don and Maria and Mary Grace
who are spending 3 weeks in Brazil. They have visited the Alpha School and
Mary Grace has helped us with our English classes. The kids enjoyed having
a new and different teacher. Wed. Joe and I will take them to a resort on
the beach for a couple of days.
Joe continues with the construction. The bottom floor of phase 2 is nearly
ready for the finish work- painting, floor tile etc. Ron has been working
on the wiring. The steps to the 2nd floor have been made and soon they will
be ready to pour the floor up there.
Second semester has started at Alpha and we started Kid's club again
Saturday after a 2 week break. We made a few changes that will cut down on
the work for those in charge and yet we believe will be just as effective in
the lives of the kids. We had a good group out.
Starting this week, we did some regrouping of our Sunday school teachers.
One of our teachers is due to have her first baby this month and has asked
for some time off. Our 3 junior helpers finished their training course this
week and they are taking turns helping with the youngest class. This week
we have 2 others finishing the regular teacher's training course and they
have been visiting the classes and helping out as well.
Joe has begun a new series on the subject of prayer in the afternoon Sunday
School class for adults and young people.
This is getting long so I will quit for here. Thank you for praying for the
conference at Pajuçara. We appreciate your prayers and your notes. If you
have a specific prayer request for us, send it our way.
Our love and prayers,
Jeanie for Joe too


I was so astonished

Dear Family and Friends,

Many of you have prayed for Antonio, the man who suffered 3 gun shots a
couple of weeks ago. He is now home from the hospital but we haven't gone
to visit him yet. At first the Dr. said he couldn't have visitors but last
we heard, this restriction has been removed so we plan to visit him soon.
He is apparently doing much better than the Drs. expected. Thank you so much
for praying. Please continue to pray for his complete recovery and for him
to be open to hearing God's Word so that he will understand that he needs
the Lord, not a different religion.

Friday we completed our first semester at the Alpha Educational Center. It
has been a good semester and we learned a lot. We are constantly looking
for ways to improve our methods. Little by little we are also adding
furnishings and equipment. Joe built tables for each class room and plans
to make book cases for each room as well. So far he has finished one.

We have a 2 week break between semesters and Joe plans to change the
entrance into the school yard. He will be taking out the present gate and
putting in one which is much wider and making some other changes as well. I
have some projects that I'm working on too, most of them are not related to
school but are things that I haven't been able to get done because of the
time I have given to preparation and teaching during the past semester.

July 28th-30th we will be participating in a missions conference at one of
our Brazilian churches in the Fortaleza area, the Pajuçara Bible Church.
This is the church we attended when we first arrived in Brazil in 1967,
while we were in language school. Joe will be the main speaker and I have a
workshop each day on teaching missions in the family. Pray for us as we
prepare and for us to have an effective ministry during the conference.
Thank you for your prayers and your notes. We appreciate your participation
in the ministry here.
Jeanie for the 2 of us
Jessica's corner: Jessica found out that 2 of the girls from church came to
help me make cookies Sat. for our kid's club party. She told me Saturday
afternoon, "Grandma I was so astonished when I found out that you had the
girls over to help you make cookies and you didn't ask me to help." The
week before she had helped me make cookies. After repeating several times
that she was "so astonished", I asked her if she meant that she was
disappointed and she said "Oh, yes, that's what I meant."



Prayer Request

Dear Family and Friends,

Please pray for Antonio. He is Edna's father. Edna is the young mother
from our church with the little girl Luanna who is severly handicapped both
physically and mentally. This morning her father was walking down a main
streat in town and a fellow attempted to rob him. We don't know the details
but he shot him 3 times. He was rushed to the hospital and had surgery. A
section of his intestine was removed. He is in intensive care and heavily
sedated at this point. Perhaps the greatest danger is infection. Edna is
the only believer in the family. We have visited with both of her parents
on a number of occassions and they are very friendly but are not interested
in "changing religions" as they put it. Pray that in this serious situation
they would reconsider. Pray for Edna and others of us to have opportunities
to share Jesus with them, in this difficult time in their lives. Pray for
Antonio's recovery.
Thank you for upholding this family with us,
Joe and Jeanie


Patience Needed

Dear Family and Friends,
Just want to take time to drop you a quick note before leaving for a week
for our annual field conference. We're looking forward to a time of
spiritual refreshment and challanges as well as good fellowship and time for
rest and relaxation.
This week has been busier than average. Ken and Lori went to Natal on
Monday to hand deliver to the Department of Education the many required
documents for registering the Alpha School. Of course, when they arrived,
they discovered that some of the necessary documents were missing and some
that they had were not necessary, at least not yet. At any rate the process
has now been STARTED. It will probably take many months to complete the
process, especially since the rules and laws change quickly and nobody can
really tell you what they are or exactly which documents are needed.
Patience is a virtue...
Meanwhile Jessica and Alicia had stayed home so they wouldn't miss school.
Alicia didn't miss school but Jessica came down with some kind of bug and
had quite a high fever and vomiting. By the time Ken and Lori got home on
Tuesday she had to be taken to the Dr. Before they got to the bottom of it,
they ended up taking her to at least 4 different Drs. over a period of 3
days and calling countless pharmacies before finally getting the antibiotics
they needed. Another dose of patience needed! She ended up missing the
whole week of school but is on the mend and we praise the Lord for that.

The last couple of days, we have had to make sure we have substitutes for
all of our ministries while we are gone during the coming week at
conference. We are thankful that we have people in our church who are able
and willing to take on these responsibilities in our absence. We are
working to train them for this very thing!
We appreciate your prayers for us and for our people. It's encouraging to
us to hear from you and to know you care!
Our love and prayers,
Joe and Jeanie

PS If you haven't changed our address in your address book yet, please do
it today.


New Address

Dear Family and Friends,
Notice our new e-mail address effective today. Please change it in your
address book to

We're all glad to have Ken back home and pleased that his trip to the states
for the purpose of raising funds for the Alpha School project was a success.
Many of you are aware that we are buying 11 acres of land. The reason being
that we aticipate that the school will outgrow its present space in about
three years. So far 52 people have pledged $400 each sponsoring 1/10 of an
We need 58 more sponsors. Please pray with us for the remaining funds to be
This morning I was working on getting the records for Kid's Club up to date.
We have already given out 11 New Testaments to kids who have memorized 25
verses and 5 chorus books to those who have memorized an additional 30
verses. All 5 of this second group are working diligently on memorizing the
next 75 verses to earn their Bibles. In order to receive their prizes, after
they have quoted all the verses they have to repeat them in blocks of 5.
We want to be sure they have really memorized them so we're not making it
real easy for them. Pray for God's Word to penetrate their hearts.

We enjoyed having Jessica, age 7, here with us last week while her parents
and 2 sisters were in Fortaleza attending a reunion of Fortaleza Acadamy
alumni. On Wed. night she made a list a mile long of the things she wanted
to do before they got here, this included a party for her daddy since he had
been gone for a month. It also included getting a present for him, baking
him a cake and making a very good dinner for him. Guess who was going to do
most of the work? Well she wasn't a bit sad when her parents surprised her
and showed up Thursday afternoon instead of Sat. even though it did mess up
her plans a bit. She just asked if she could have the rest of the cake that
I had made 2 days before as well as some cookies, had me quickly help her
make a card and gave him the present she had without wrapping it, and the
party was ready!
Don't forget to drop us a line at our new address! We appreciate your
prayers and pray for the requests you send us as well.

Jeanie for the 2 of us

Drop us a line

Dear Family and Friends,
Last week while the rest of the gang from here went to the special
"evangelistic birthday service" for Guiomar, one of the ladies from our
church, I stayed home and baby sat our grandchildren. Guiomar hasn't been
saved very long and she wanted to have this special service as a witness to
her unsaved family members and neighbors. Quite a crowd came and the gospel
was presented. Afterwards they served cake. They made sure to send a piece
home for me and yesterday at church she asked me if I liked it.
Cleiton, one of our helpers at Kid's club, asked last week if there was
anything he could do to help get things ready during the week. He had some
time free Tues morning and wanted to help. I'm the secretary and always
have plenty of records to keep up to date. I was glad to have him help get
everything in order. I usually end up working on it on Saturday morning.
When he came he brought his "Word" manual along. He was hoping he would get
to work on the computer, but the work I needed to do didn't include computer
work. He's coming to help again this week and I'm going to try to line up
some job he can do on the computer.
Crushed rock, sand, cement, cement mixers, pipes, electrical wire - that's
the topic of our meal time conversations recently. Besides the school
construction, Joe is helping Ron get started with making a wall around his
property and making a cistern. He had a well drilled on his property and as
soon as it is finished they will need a place to store water. Construction
with bricks and mortar takes a lot of water.
We also continue working with people. Counselling sessions, teaching
sessions, visitation, organizing SS and kid's club, working with the youth,
working with the couples, encouraging those who are down - building up the
believers takes a lot of prayer. A lot of our people face difficult
problems, many things that we personally have never been through. How
thankful we are for God's Word and the guidance of the Holy Spirit in our
lives and theirs as well as we attempt to work through these situations
together. We appreciate your prayers for us for wisdom to deal with each of
these dear people.
This week we're going to take a couple of days off and go to Fortaleza to
attend the graduation and other activities. Andrew, Joe's nephew's son as
well as some of our other MKs are graduating from high school. We're also
looking forward to getting in a visit with Sam and Jean, Joe's brother and
sister-in-law who have retired from their ministry in Brazil and are back
for a visit.
Thanks for your prayers. Your e-mails are an encouragement to us. Keep em
Jeanie, for Joe too


Labor Day

Dear Family and Friends,
We were happy to have more visitors than usual for our service on Easter
Sunday. The choir sang several numbers and did a great job. It was a
blessing to celebrate Christ's resurrection together with other believers.

It has been some time since anyone has trusted Christ for salvation at our
church. Pray with us that we would all be faithful in inviting unsaved
friends and take every opportunity we have to witness to our unsaved
neighbors, friends and family members. We're still praying for the unsaved
husbands of 10 of the women from church.

We are enjoying the Firm Foundations lessons in the Jr. dept. of the SS. We
all meet together for the lesson and then divide into classes for
reinforcement activities. We are on lesson 9 and until now I have taught
all the lessons. Starting next week, the teachers are going to take turns
presenting the lesson to the whole group. I will help them prepare the
first lesson they do since this book is very detailed and they will have to
learn to pick out only the most important points to teach. Pray for me as
it will take more of my time, helping them prepare than it would for me to
teach it myself. However, that's one of my responsibilities and I know it
will be rewarding as I see them develop skills in preparing and teaching
these lessons.
Monday is a holiday in Brazil, labor day. So we don't have any school and
nobody goes to work. The church is planning on a little outing. We're
renting a bus and going out in the country to a place belonging to one of
our friends. It has a large house, with porches all around, plenty of
places for hanging hammocks, a swimming pool, barbecue grill etc. We're all
going to take our own lunch and just relax and enjoy each other for the day.
I hope you are having a good week. Drop us a line and let us know what's
going on in your life. Thank you for praying for us. We appreciate it.
Jeanie for Joe too
PS The construction is coming along great!


Three of each

Dear Family and Friends,
For those of you who aren't on Ken and Lori's update list: The newest news
around here is that Anabel Jewel was born yesterday morning, March 19th at
8:10 AM. Now we have 3 grandsons and 3 granddaughters! This morning I was
helping Jessica and Alicia get ready for school. Jessica stood gazing into
the crib for a while and when she came out her comment was, "I was just
admiring my baby sister, she's so cute." I had to agree, she really is cute!
Pray for Lori to quickly regain her strength, for Anabel to be healthy and
content, and for the whole family to adjust to the changes brought about by
Anabel's arrival.
School at Alpha is going well. We have 2 new students and one new staff
member since we last wrote and others have expressed interest in enrolling
their children. We are expreincing some discipline problems with some of
the children. Pray for us all to be consistent in working with these
children and bringing them to the place that they understand that their
behaviour is unacceptable and must be changed. Many of the parents don't
understand that God's plan is not for the children to be in control, but
rather the parents and other authorities in their lives.
Joe has been teaching the adult and young people's classes Sundays and
Thursdays. These classes are repeated so those who can't come to one can
come to another. We are studying the doctrinal statement of the Christ is
Life Church. We feel that it's important for all of the members to know
what we believe and and why. It's good for all of us to review these
doctrines from time to time. Yesterday the lesson was on the total
depravity of man. It's not a very pretty picture. Next Sunday our subject
is Salvation. It's wonderful that though we don't deserve it in any way,
God provided a wonderful plan for our salvation!
Kid's club is going well but we are short on helpers. Pray for the Lord to
provide some new helpers and for all of those involved to realize what an
important ministry it is. Recently some seem to have become weary in well
Drop us a line and let us know what's going on in your lives!
Jeanie for the 2 of us



Dear Family and Friends,
This week we have 3 days off classes at the school. The world is out
celebrating carnival (the festival of the flesh before Lent begins
Wed.)getting drunk, dancing, and practicing immorality. Everyone who
doesn't want to participate in these festivities and has a place to go where
it is more quiet has left town. We've already heard of 2 deaths in our town,
one a motor cycle accident and the other a knifing. Most of the young
people from our church are gone at a youth retreat. Ken and Ron also went
as sponsors.
This morning Joe went down town hoping to find some paint so he could paint
the gates at school, but everything except the drug stores were closed up
tighter than a drum. Finally a friend of his who sells construction
supplies took him to a little out-of-the-way place and they found a couple
of quarts of paint, though it wasn't exactly the color he wanted. He put it
on for a first coat and can get the color he wants for the second coat
Wednesday when the stores open again.
We started the Firm Foundations lessons in the children's department of our
Sunday school yesterday. Ranelle is helping me make the visuals and I'm
translating the skits and children's activities from the English book. I do
have the adult lesson book in Portuguese, so just have to adapt and simplify
it a little. I'm really excited about this series. Pray with us that as
we lay the foundation for the gospel, many of the children will understand
their need for the Savior and trust Jesus for salvation.
Please continue to pray for the salvation of the unsaved husbands of 10 of
the women in our church. Another one of the ladies just last week told us
that recently her husband began running around with other women. She's so
discouraged. There's really nothing we can do for these ladies except pray
and listen and let them know we care.

Have a good week,
Jeanie for Joe too


We're off and running

Dear Family and Friends,
The first day of school at the Alpha Educational Center is history.
It really happened! After all these weeks of frenzied preparations we
have actually begun. Not everything is completed. Yesterday we
received a letter from a dear friend who has worked in Christian
schools for years. Her encouraging words were: You are NEVER ready
opening day. And she mentioned a school which is in its 26th year as
an example, so I guess we don't need to feel so bad about not being
ready on the first day of our first year. Anyway from here on it's
gonna get better!

This morning during classes Joe, Ken and Ron were unboxing office
chairs and setting them together, while the office personnel were
using chairs from our house. Someone else was putting chairs together
for the children, while the children were sitting in a circle on the
floor with their teachers. They didn't mind at all, in fact they
enjoyed sitting on the beautiful new tile that had just been laid last
week. The small chairs had been purchased from another school but had
to be taken apart, sandblasted, painted, and put back together. That
took just a little bit longer than we had anticipated. There were
other things missing too, but it didn't dampen the spirits of the
teachers or students. And just think what an encouragement it will
be to see improvements each day for at least for the first few weeks!

You're wondering how many students we have? There were 10 today. We
had hoped for 20 to 25, but we prayed that the Lord would send us the
number we could handle and just the right students. We praise Him for
the ones he sent. Registrations are still open so if the Lord still
has others He wants to send us, we'll gladly receive them. How will
we come out financially with so few students? The school will have to
be subsidised during this year for sure. Pray with us that the Lord
will lay it on the hearts of people to give for this important
ministry. We believe in it and we're willing to sacrifice to make it
a reality and keep it going. If you are interested in contributing to
this ministry, let us know and we'll give you the information you

Several of the students, including Alicia decided this morning before
school that they really didn't want to come after all, but in the long
run all of them enjoyed it with the exception of one or maybe 2 of the
little ones who weren't used to being away from their mothers.
Tomorrow should be better, we hope. Everyone looked so nice in their
uniforms. Both teachers and students have uniforms.

Praise the Lord with us for this beginning and please keep praying for
all of us and for the ministry of the school. Pray for the teachers,
parents, director, coordinator, secretary, janitor, and the spouses of
all of these as well as the students and those who are still working
on the finishing touches.

Have a good week,
Jeanie for Joe too


First one

Dear Family and Friends,
Last night Augusto made that all important step. He trusted Christ
for salvation! His wife, his sister and some of the rest of us shed
tears of joy at this good news. He is the first of the 10 husbands we
have been praying for. You hadn't given up praying had you? Now
let's pray for his growth and for the salvation of the other 9,
actually there are 10 again because recently Adriana accepted the Lord
and her husband isn't saved. His name is Gilvan.
Kids club started with a bang on Saturday. We had 30 out with 6 or
more of them being first timers. We are doing several things to
encourage regular attendance since "hit and miss" attendance has been
a problem in the past. We also began a scripture memory program in
which the kids can earn a New Testament by memorizing 25 verses which
we selected from the Gospel of John. Once they get their New
Testament, they can also earn a chorus book and a Bible by memorizing
selected verses from the New Testament. Our prayer is that the Word
will speak to their hearts and transform their lives.
Construction at Afpha is still going full steam ahead. Many things
have been accomplished since we last wrote. All the windows and doors
are now installed, the rest of the ceiling slabs have been put up,
most of the plastering is done, some of the floor tile has been laid,
and the painting has been started. This week they are going to try to
get it all finished. Then they have Monday left for clean up and
setting up the rooms. That's cutting it pretty short but we're
excited about opening day on the 15th. Wish you could be hear to see
it happen!
Registration has started and so far we have 6 students registered and
others are talking about it. We are trusting the Lord to send at
least 25 students. Pray with us that the Lord will send us just the
right students for this first semester. The teachers are working on
lesson plans, early this week the school uniforms are supposed to be
ready, and the phone company has promised to install a phone in the
school office by Friday. So it's coming and we thank you for your
prayers for all of us.
Have a good week. Drop us a line and let us know what you are up to
and how we can pray for you. I copy all the prayer requests we get by
e-mail on cards and use them in my devotions, that way I don't forget
any of the requests.

In His Love,
Jeanie for Joe too

Lots going on

Dear Family and Friends,

School construction continues! The goal for this week is to have the
office all finished and ready for use on Saturday, the first day of
registration. Then there will be 2 more weeks to get the classrooms
ready for occupancy.

In January we have had quite a few visitors at our church services.
Pray that the Lord will speak to their
hearts and that they will see their need for the Savior.

We would also like for you to pray for our young people. We are
thankful for several who are really desirous to serve the Lord and to
please Him in all that they do. On the other hand, several who were
previously active in the church have recently become cold and drawn
away. It seems they have lost their first love. It breaks our hearts
to see this happen. Pray that we might lovingly, patiently help bring
them back into fellowship with the Lord.

Friday, Mary Ann Gross, a friend of ours from College days is coming
to our house for a short visit. She has been teaching at a Christian
school in Minnesota for many years and the school has given her a trip
to Brazil to visit 3 missionary couples and one single missionary that
she has supported and prayed for through the years. We're looking
forward to having her here.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with all of the Jr. SS department staff.
We're making plans for putting the Firm Foundations curriculum into
use in March. I have lots to do to get it all ready to go.

The rains have begun but so far have not slowed down the school
construction in any way. So far all of our rains have come in the
evenings or on week ends. We hope it continues that way for a while.


New Year - New Opportunities

Dear Family and Friends,

We're back from retreat. We had a great time. We had a lot of time
for business discussions and some important decisions were made for
the future of our mission. The meals were great and the fellowship was

Now we're back home and there are opportunities on every side. Today
we were able to minister to some missionaries from another mission who
live several hours south of here. They were about 2 kilometers from
our place and called because they were having car trouble and needed
to have a good mechanic recommended. After giving them directions to
our place, we were able to direct them to a mechanic, and get the wife
and daughter to the bus so they could get to Fortaleza for school and
other business while the husband waits here for the car to be

Joe was very satisfied with how much the construction crew
accomplished last week while we were gone and they are all hard at it
again this week. I don't know how he manages to put in so many hours
at the construction site and still get in time for studying, visiting
etc. He has a lot more energy than I have!

I'm working on some lessons that we are going to use for our whole Jr.
SS department starting in March. It is called "Firm Foundations,
Creation to Christ" I have the adult lessons in Portuguese, but the
children's version has not been translated into Portuguese. A friend
of ours is going to bring the English set of lessons the end of this
month, so I will have a lot of translating to do. It will keep me
plenty busy, but I'm excited about using these lessons for the coming

Keep praying for the unsaved husbands of the ladies in our church.
Augusto has been coming to services most weeks. On New year's eve, he
told us that he knows he needs to be saved. They have invited us to
their home for a meal this week. Some of the other husbands have been
coming out for services from time to time as well. Others are just as
hard as can be. Nothing is impossible with God! Pray that this year,
2000, these men will trust Christ for salvation!

Keep in touch,
Jeanie for the 2 of us


Happy New Year

Dear Family and Friends,

Yesterday afternoon about 3:30 Ron, Ranelle, and Caleb arrived at our
place in Mossoró. We are having fun getting aquainted with our newest
grandson who will be 3 months old one week from today, Jan. 6. Ron
and Ranelle are catching us up on the news about all of you that they
visited in the states. We're enjoying it. They all seem to have
colds. Pray for them to get rested up and recuperate quickly.

Construction on the Alfa Educational Center continues. There has been
good progress and some of the walls are already up to full height. We
are thankful for the Lord's protection. Please continue to pray for
protection and good progress. Today was cloudy all day and not so
hot. There were only a few sprinkles which didn't hamper the work.
For new pictures on the work being done, check out Ken's web site:

Next week we'll be going to Fortaleza for our missionary retreat.
We're looking forward to a time of relaxation and fellowship with the
other missionaries. There will also be some times for mission
business to be discussed and some decisions to be made.

Tomorrow evening we'll have a time of fellowship at the church and we
look forward to seeing 2000 come in together with our friends. We're
looking for great things from the Lord in the coming year!

May your hearts be filled with His peace in the coming year,
Joe and Jeanie