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Happy 2005 (01/03/05)


Happy 2005

Dear Family of Friends,

December was filled with activities. At Alpha we had 2 year end programs - one for pre-school which included kindergarten graduation and one for 1st-5th grade. Both of the programs were very good and well attended.
On December 17th we went to Fortaleza to participate in the 50th wedding anniversary celebration for Joe's brother Sam and his wife, Jeanne.
Then back home for Christmas program rehearsal. We had our program on Christmas night with more than 60 of our church people participating. We divided the Christmas story in various sections and a different group of people quoted each section while some of the scenes were done live and others shown on the screen. Several songs were also presented, and a short message explaining the plan of salvation was presented. Many visitors attended. No one responded to the invitation to accept God's gift of salvation, but the seeds were sown.
New Year's eve we had our annual talent night at church. This is a very informal time when anyone who wants to sing, play, give a reading or present something else is encouraged to do so. Quite a few people participated and it was good.
Tomorrow we are going to Fortaleza for our annual missionary retreat and business meeting. Next week my sister Sally and her husband, Roger are coming to spend nearly 3 weeks with us. The day after they get here, we plan to whisk them to Silver Lake Bible Camp to attend the 25th anniversary of the camp. Then bring them to Mossoró. Sally doesn't know it yet but my grandchildren will have a lot of questions for her as they check up to see if her version of the "Sally, Jeanie, and Reva" stories that I have been telling them is the same as my version (which, of course is the correct one).

Have a great 2005 as you walk with Him,
Jeanie for Joe too