Meeting at the University of South Dakota, Elliot and Erin Kathleen became closest friends over the years.  Romantic San Francisco with its lovely views and vistas nurtured this friendship to a point that led to a lovely wedding on April 26, 2008.

The ceremony was a small private affair with family and close friends  held in the exquisite Swedenborgian Church of San Francisco  The Pastor of the chapel conducted the ceremony.

Elliot is a published poet and works for a non-profit support company known as TechSoup.  Erin Kathleen, also known as "Kat",  is employed by Guide By Cell, a company that provides those handy telephone guided tours of museums and the like.

Elliot and Kat are at home at 531 Natoma St. Apt A, San Francisco CA 94103.

Esther and I, along with Erin and Susanne, were privileged to attend the wedding.  We took a few pictures and trust that you enjoy looking them over.

Tom and Esther Harmon

Pre-wedding activities -
A bit of sight seeing, Rehearsal and Dinner


The Reception
A lovely lunch in an Indian Restaurant

We two, with Erin and Susanne, revisit some of our favorite sights in the City

You can see more pictures of the Wedding and the Honeymoon in Colorado and Ireland by going to this Flickr site.