Dear family who got to be at the "celebration event" and those of you who did not!
I here by add my "brown mouse" tribute to E. Craig Harmon:
From the early days I remember being swung around by the hair at the end of your arm, and you being
the 'life guard' that threw me off the scaffold diving place over at the lake to teach me to swim, invading
the "roost" and fearing for my life, (seems to me you had a model boat and some Dot memorabilia that
were off limits up there), Dorothy has made me aware of the time you put me out on the road and drove
off a mile because I was being naughty and mama didn't stop you! My memory of begging to sleep with
you when you were home from college and you not liking it and then the absolute disgust when I was wet
in the morning and yet insisted "I just sweated allot" is beginning to fade so it is good to have it in writing
:-). Being in your wedding photos 'incognito' under the dress is a fun one too, as well as the taffy pulling
that made Dorothy so disgusted with us (too much licking of the fingers to suit)!
As time moved on the memories are more of visits, and you being "the egg" the one good at math, the
teacher, the professor- the one off in far away lands. And of "a family man, whose children have been
my peers" When Steven and Jeni came through VA on their honey moon this was most apparent when he
asked, "Aren't there any older people in you church?" I said what do you mean? He replied "More like
my parents." Also Ruth Ann and Tony and Steven and Jeni having parenting woes similar to mine make
them near and dear.
Our time in SD as David attended VoTech can not be forgotten, all the house, child, and blizzard help
you were, and coming over for the "grand parent day" --those things spoke mountains of love from elder
brother. Thanks for all the time and energy you have put into the Brown Mouse - past, present and
...future 60 is a mile stone to be remembered.
Proverbs 17:17 applies to you for me in both phrases...

A friend loves at all times. You have been such a friend
And a brother is born for adversity. You have been there in adverse times

These are some of my "rememberies" Love, Sally - the tooth of May.