This page is gray this print is white - so is he! In Ken and Rachel's back yard in Hays Kansas several folks gathered on Tom's birthday to celebrate Craig's Birthday. Since we were all there to attend Sara Beth's wedding it only seemed right to do a little birthday roast for a rapidly aging senior citizen and so we did. Here is some of what we saw.


The gang assembles.

Tomorrow is her day.

How did such an old guy get such
a young looking wife?

Six Edigers, one Benedict,
and a small Brott.

Lots of folks dropped by.

Old and younger.

Becky and Dorothy rounded up supper.

Ladies and gentlemen, take your seats.

The backyard barbecue begins.

First, Sara opens a few presents.

Now I'm too big to wash dishes.
Here is what Sal had to say.

Listen up! There will be a quiz.

Don returns the heirloom.

What did you get, Grandpa?

What is this thing anyway?

Rachel was too kind.

Craig is dependable.

And now for the rest of the story...
Tom reads Phil's thought.

Don reads Joel's sermonette.

Ruth Anne sings:
"Father's Eyes"

"Holy socks"

A briefcase for the ages.

At least it's not eel skin.

The senior mobility assistance device.

The brown one is mine.

...Well, grandchildren can share.

Trying to get back in practice?
Tony read Steven's Tribute.

"Actually everyone thinks Tom is older."